New features

New Features at the Goring

The Goring Hotel

Closed for the first time in 105 years, the quintessential British hotel The Goring, reopened its doors this Saturday 2/21/2015 after benefiting from a touch up from famous British designers including Nina Campbell, David Linley and Gainsborough Silk and it has a brand new front hall to show for it. In line with its blue […]

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The Concierge

Hong Kong Arts Festival 2015


The internationally renowned annual Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) will be back in full blast this year from the 27th of February to the 29th of March. Launched in 1973, this festival was founded to enrich and promote the cultural side of the city and is now the pinnacle of Hong Kong’s performing arts events […]

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The Epicure

Raines Law Room – New York

Raines Law Room - The Lounge

Somewhere, lodged deep in our lizard brains lie certain facts about life. These facts are so simple that you don’t even acknowledge their presence until they stare you right in the face: Lion = run, hungry = eat food, angry wife = repeat action taken with lion. If you listen to that primitive part of […]

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