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Claridge’s Map room

Claridge’s has recently opened a elite travelers business lounge where visitors can relax, meet with clients and just enjoy the excellent service. A rather intriguing addition if you ask us, especially since everything about this hotel is aimed at escaping the daily grind, but hey, more of Claridge’s can only be a good thing; especially, when David Linley gets added to the mix. His Art Deco design pays homage to the golden era of travel, and the impressive wood inlaid map of the world gives a stately affair to the whole room. The room’s traditional elegance is highlighted by the seamless integration of Mac’s, iPad’s and PC’s allowing you to do any bit of impromptu business, or perhaps quiet pondering, in absolute luxury and style.

Map Room Shelves Map Room Map Map Room Desk Map Room Arch


  1. It has a very nice design and as a matter of fact comes from a Linley workshop… This is enough said for me. Jonathan

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