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Rojo Tango Buenos Aires

Everybody loves a good tango. Even if you’ve got two left feet, we’re willing to bet you’ve daydreamed of wooing that special someone with some suave dance moves, a rose between your teeth and the famous lean in when the music stops…. or maybe that’s just us.
Well here’s a tip for all you Tango lovers out there, we’ve found a show that lets you indulge in your passion, impress that special someone, and, you don’t even have to move a toe to do it. The Faena hotel’s (Puerto Madero) Rojo Tango is a unique experience which goes beyond a mere tango performance. Incredibly sexy dancers put your moves to shame as they perform the most seductive dance in the world in a Philippe Starck designed cabaret room. The show aims to be a multi-sensory experience and provides a complimentary glass of champagne, live music from the backing orchestra and fine local cuisine while you admire the dancers. A definite must if the travel bug ever takes you to Argentina.


  1. We’ll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in July and I am taking my wife to Argentina. I am sure that she will love the atmosphere and the music. Thanks

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