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Where to find the best bars in Paris

  You’ve just made it to Paris and you’re on the hunt for a good place to have a few drinks with friends? Say no more, we’ve got you covered. Sure, any watering hole will do for a good time. But if you’re in town for networking, and you like a barman that serves a […]

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Hotel Wellness Programs: Book a hotel, get well.

You’re under too much pressure to read this article right now, but you ought to anyway. How many times have you said: “Sorry I don’t have the time” or “i’ve got too much to do”  and wondered what’s the going rate for a personal assistant these days? If you’ve answered “quite a few” to any […]

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Unique restaurants in Paris

We’ve had a look at some unique restaurants in London the other week and we’re now turning our attention to Paris. Whether it’s for their age, decor or any other particularly offbeat reason, these restaurants have earned a spot on this list and present an experience well worth trying. La Procope For those who like […]

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