The Shangri La Paris is launching a concept bar that is set to make the Peninsula’s Mme Ning tremble in her bright red heels. Every night from 7pm to midnight the Shangri Lounge provides an offbeat hangout for Parisian socialites to crack open a bottle of champagne and enjoy some good company.

The lounge is all about “chic” but since the scenographers from your taylor is a punk!  were involved in the design, you can expect something out of the ordinary as their previous collaborations include bands such as Air, Something a la mode and the likes of fashion houses such as Dior and Guerlain (there’s some pub ammo for you).

On Wednesday nights, partygoers can enjoy a drinks menu customized by Shangri La’s head barman Christophe Léger and his signature Belvedere cocktails are sure to get as pumped as the DJ.

With the pedigree of the Shangri La and a decor that includes everything from video projections on the walls to classic chandeliers on the ceiling, get ready for your next favourite hangout whenever you hit Paris.

Shangri Lounge open everyday from 7pm to midnight. On Wednesday, DJ and Champagne Bar.

Shangri Lounge

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