When the redesign of the British icon was entrusted to Frenchman Pierre Yves Rochon, many Londoners coughed up their afternoon tea.

The 220 million pound renovation was dubbed « the most ambitious hotel restoration in British history » and most locals were dubious about the result.

If you’re planning a post renovation trip to the Savoy and worrying that the destination has lost its soul, rest assured, the Savoy is every bit as British and even more stunning than it once was. Pierre Yves Rochon loves to work with historic buildings and his respect for their soul,and his stunning portfolio, is no doubt why he got the green light to put his Midas touch to work here.

The design strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional, a constant characteristic of Rochon’s style. Visitors will appreciate the personality suites that pay homage to past guests like Charlie Chaplin and Frank Sinatra, filled with artwork and memorabilia relating to the stars, and the bird cage gazebo in the Thames lounge is sure to leave you in awe as its silver frame lights up in the room’s natural light.

Only the staunchest traditional will rebel against this masterpiece of a renovation but the discerning traveler will enjoy the French master’s touch and will appreciate what has been done here.

Savoy Hotel Lodon - Thames Foyer  The Savoy Hotel London - Lounge

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