Music is truly the universal language because if we told you that the place to listen to an authentic 40’s jazz was on the bund, you’d probably think we’ve had one too many. The Shanghai Peace hotel’s old jazz bar is iconic for music lovers around the world, not just because of the music from another era, but because the combined age of its band is around 480! If you’re not really into Math, let’s just say that these guys have played for Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, so yeah, they’ve really earned their name.

The old jazz band is a sextet of musicians that are still bringing in the crowds despite each band member being nearly 80 years old….. looks like Madonna’s finally got some competition.

What’s more their popularity is set to rise thanks to the documentary “As time goes by in Shanghai” directed by Uli Gulke. The documentary focuses on the band and portrays them as much more than the Peace hotel’s curiosity. They’re a bunch of guys that have seen their world changed by the cultural revolution and help overcome the east’s suspicion for jazz music as they grooved their way through the Japanese occupation, cultural revolution and the world dominating grasp of capitalism. So next time you’re enjoying a drink at the Peace Hotel’s old Jazz bar, raise your glass to some of the true icons of the music world and appreciate the fact that passion is well truly the essence of life.

Photo credit : As Time Goes By in Shanghai – © Neue Visionen Filmverleih

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