Café Gerbeaud, one of Europe’s finest coffeehouses

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The Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace is one of the finest examples of an Art Nouveau luxury hotel, and its guests will be able to appreciate the decadence and lavishness within its walls. Stunning architecture, views on the the Danube and excellent service could lead you to simply enjoy your vacation within the hotel, but then, you would be missing out on a fine piece of Budapest’s history.

Traditional European coffeehouses are in a world of their own, a world where visitors are treated to magic and wonder and where every treat becomes a moment of indulgence and intimacy with the history and culture of the town. Budapest is lucky to have one of Europe’s finest coffeehouses, the Café Gerbeaud which was founded in 1858 by Henrik Kugler, the last in line of a powerful confectionery dynasty. Bought by Emile Gerbeaud, the coffeehouse has been delighting guests ever since and offers the perfect way to end a busy evening in Budapest. Must-try creations here are the “Konyakos Meggy” which artfully mixes the flavors of cognac, sour cherry and dark chocolate to create a pint-sized delight which, we’re sure, you will end up taking home to share with friends…. actually no, something this good can’t be shared with anyone but yourself. Get ready for those guilty midnight snack trips to your cupboard if you ever decide to take this delight home.

The cakes and treats are the “pièce de resistance” of the Gerbeaud, but if you’re passing new to Europe or just appreciate classic architecture and design, the traditional Rococo design of the coffeehouse is sure to please and adds an extra dimension of wonder to the place. Whatever you do, do not miss out one of eastern Europe’s finest gems if you happen to be in town and get ready to call your personal trainer as soon as you get back.

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