We’re of the opinion that chefs are born, not made, and a look at Dewey LoSasso’s history proves just that. A childhood spent immersed in the traditions of Italian family cuisine, filled with the colors and smells of fresh vegetables and cooking herbs, lead to create one of Americas finest chefs.

Acqualina - Dewey LoSasso

LoSasso has graced many prestigious kitchens during his time and singlehandedly built the reputation of some of America’s finest eats including The Forge, Hudson Hotel New York, Tuscan Steak Miami and he’s even catered to the palette of Donatella Versace while serving as her private chef.

His last tenure was at “The Forge”, and we’re sure they weren’t exactly happy to loose him, but we are absolutely buzzing because LoSasso will soon be plying his trade in the Forbes
travel-guide 5-star Aqualina resort, and his inclusion is worthy enough to give us food for thought when planning our next trip (no pun intended). Epicures will be able to enjoy his signature dishes in the Acqualina concept restaurant, the” Piazzetta”, which recreates the feel of an Italian town square but with the particularity of giving diners the wonderful vista of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hired to revamp the food and beverage list of this coastal 5 star, we’re sure his mind is already filled with combinations of herbs, oils and meats that will push his brand of progressive American cuisine to the next level, and we can’t wait to see how this translates into our plates. At worst, the food can only complement the beautiful coastal view, but we’re sure Dewey wants to steal the show and make everything else in the Acqualina the aftertaste.

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