Café Carlyle – Replica of the good ole’ cabaret in a cool atmosphere

Little Black Book

Located in New York, Café Carlyle besotted charm lies in the musical aura featuring the likes of Judy Collins and Woody Allen jamming his way with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz band.
Music as a theme has always been part of The Carlyle and its stunning themed murals bearing the mark of Moulin Rouge Oscar winner artist, Marcel Vertès, adding a splash of comfort in the soothing café atmosphere.

Cafe Carlyle - New York

The state-of-the-art décor stands out with undertone of the classic, plush design while, at the same time, retaining a sober and cool atmosphere. Set against Manhattan backdrop, the golden age of New York cabaret comes alive and vibrant every night as guests indulge in indulgence, sophistication and intimate space. Enjoying jazz has never been such a soothing affair as you feel surrounded by the coupling of old world charm and modern style, sitting in the idyllic 1930s Beaux Art building.

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