Experiment with the yummi-licious, sinful indulgence and the exotic flavors of Paris’ best chocolate artist. Recipient of the Best Master Chocolatier award in 2000, Paris-based Patrick Roger never ceases to amaze the gourmands who are ever ready to pop a piece of melting chocolate in their mouths.

Patrick Roger - 2014 Easter Egg

Famous for carving exotic chocolates, Roger transports you to a fairy tale world that is filled with giant Easter eggs, chocolate astronauts walking on the moon as well as chocolate polar bears that you cannot dare to ignore.

Patrick Roger St Sulpice Shop Window

A fascinating gourmet experience concocted with aesthetic skills will cause a stir in your mouth as you rush for a ‘chocolatey’ adventure in Patrick Roger’s outlets in Paris. Rest assured, our most beloved chocolate artist never compromises on superior quality and settles for no less than the best of ingredients. Corsica brings him his oranges while the peat-scented whisky hails from Scotland.

Make sure you try out his signature product, the meter long box of bonbons which is a runaway hit.

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