Somewhere, lodged deep in our lizard brains lie certain facts about life. These facts are so simple that you don’t even acknowledge their presence until they stare you right in the face: Lion = run, hungry = eat food, angry wife = repeat action taken with lion.

If you listen to that primitive part of your brain, you’re well on your way to making it to your next birthday.
Somehow along the way though, I like to think we’ve evolved and facts have been added to the database. Dubious pop up on the internet … don’t click, don’t wear a spotted shirt with striped pants at a interview and finally, the immutable fact that everything was just sexier in the 20th century. If you are one of those individuals evolved enough to agree, then the Raines Law Room is the perfect place for you to kick back and kill off some of those highly evolved brain cells of yours.

Raines Law Room - The Kitchen

Situated in area clad with rowdy partygoers Raines Law comes as a welcome surprise to those looking for a watering hole with a little more finesse. Just ring the door bell and be ushered into a 20th century speakeasy theme worthy of the name. No flashing lights and pumping music here. We’re talking fireplaces, Chesterfield sofas and waitstaff that you can summon at the ring of a bell. If the cocktails get to your head and you need to cool off, the candlelit outdoor area is the perfect remedy to your woe. Have a look at their website here and get ready to enjoy one of New York’s most stylish hangouts

Raines Law Room - The Parlor

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