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Pleasing everyone on your holiday is hard to do, especially for kids.

You might picture your perfect getaway lounging by the pool with an ice cold mojito in hand and we couldn’t agree more.

But if little Timmy, is more of a “catch me if you can”, watch cartoons with mum and share my food with the furniture kind of guy, you could spend your holiday watching Dora the Explorer and bracing yourself for the inevitable “I’m bored” when it’s over.

Selecting a hotel that will keep the younger members of your family happy, could mean the difference between a great holiday and a colossal waste of time and money.

So which hotels provide the best experience for kids?

Hotels don’t come with a “no children” sign slapped in the lobby so technically they can all accommodate for the basics, but it’s the ones that invest as much importance into your child’s experience as they do yours that you should be looking out for.

Fortunately, the luxury hotel industry has come up with some very interesting ways to transform your child’s hotel stay into a magical experience which they may remember for a while still. This week we’re digging into our collection to have a look at the best hotels in Paris for that purpose.

P.S: We’re talking children under the age of 11 here, how to keep them from complaining when they’re older than that is one of the great mysteries of the universe.

Four Seasons Hotel George V

George V Paris Kid friendly hotels

Kid friendly bonuses:

  1. Child menu in restaurants and in-room dining.

  2. Babysitting service.

  3. Specialised activities during seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas.

  4. In room entertainment from toys and coloring books to games consoles such as Nintendo Wii and Playstation.

The Four Seasons have got the art of child entertainment down pat and The Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris is no different.

For starters, the hotel itself looks like a wonderland thanks to Jeff Leatham’s floral arrangements in the lobby. But the special touch, lies in a dedicated recreation manager, Ms. Claudia Caringi, who will personally meet families upon arrival with a welcome gift basket from which your child can pick and choose from.

Ms. Caringi’s role is to devise a special program for the young ones whilst they’re in the hotel and even when out and about in the city. In-house activities may involve your child participating in seasonal events such as kid’s Christmas and Halloween parties and private “back of the house” tours where kids get to explore all the “secret passages” that can be discovered making this luxury hotel a place full of magic and wonder for the little ones.

When given prior notice of your child’s age and name, the hotel will arrange for your room to be adapted to be “kid friendly” with the inclusion of complimentary amenities such as snacks, toiletries and your child’s very own pint sized Four Seasons bathrobe and slippers so that they can be just like mummy and daddy.  And for those moments when you really need some alone time, a babysitter is available upon request to keep an eye on the little ones during your absence.

Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris les Amis d,Hippolyte, Kid friendly hotels

 Kid friendly bonuses:

  1. Child daycare centre.

  2. Great entertainment program for kids.

  3. Kids menus available prepared by Michelin starred chef Eric Fréchon.

  4. Babysitting.

Prestigious British publication, the Gallivanter’s Guide recently presented Le Bristol Paris with the best hotel in the world award, but any kid could have told you that.

Le Bristol Paris has succeeded in creating a world within a world for children to enjoy thanks to the their ambassador for kids, Hippolyte the rabbit, who has somehow managed to lose all of his gardening tools on the hotel grounds, and It’s up to the little one’s with the help of hotel staff to find them all.

Children residing at the hotel also have access to “les amis d’Hippolyte” which is the day care center situated next to the Spa but available for use whether you have booked a treatment or not.

Filled with fun and games and dedicated staff, “les amis d’Hippolyte” provides a safe and fun environment for your child to make friends with other little guests. And for the icing on the cake, Le Bristol Paris has two cats in residence Fa-Raon and Kléopatre that seem addicted to cuddles and any other acts of cuteness. Definitely the highlight of your child’s stay.

Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris

Le Royal Monceau, Le Petit Royal, Kid friendly hotels

Kid friendly bonuses:

  • Babysitting.

  • Best edutainment concept we’ve come across.

Wildly entertaining and educational, Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris kids program turns the city of lights into a playground ripe for exploration and filled with wonder.

A team of professionals in collaboration with the hotel transform Versailles into the backdrop of a sinister plot where British spies have hidden the treasure of Louis XVI and the kids are tasked to find it. This is edutainment at its finest and you can find a list of the hotel’s great scavenger hunts adapted for boys and girls right here.

Other activities are designed to awaken the creative flair in your child, for the budding gourmet, activities include a pizza making workshop under the supervision of Michelin starred chef, Roberto Rispoli, which they can later share with mum and dad.

Young artists will enjoy a tour of Paris, camera in hand and accompanied by a professional photographer. During the tour they will be able to snap away to their heart’s delight and have all their photo’s developed in a professional studio for the perfect holiday souvenir.

There is also a guided tour of the Musée d’Orsay with a particular focus on the works of Claude Monet and impressionist art and an introduction to the life of a professional ballerina.

If you’re reading this and saying “yeah all this is great but i’m not heading to Paris!” don’t worry, there are more kid friendly hotel destinations coming up soon.

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