The Shangri-La Hotel Paris has a new chef at the helm of its Michelin starred restaurant “L’Abeille”.

Chef Christophe Moret brings 23 years of experience to the service of the palace’s guests with an adventurous menu that is at once mouth watering and eclectic, and a clear nod to the great chefs that have crossed paths with him during his formative years.

Christophe Moret Shangri-La Paris

The inclusion of a man of his caliber behind the palace’s pots and pans is a no brainer and we wish him all the best but we’re still scratching our heads as to why Phillipe Labée, who earned the restaurant two Michelin stars and was named chef of the year in 2012, got shipped out in a “chef’s mercato” that has seen luxury hotels bag some world class additions to their kitchens. But hey, they couldn’t ask for a finer replacement.

Moret’s skills were honed by collaborating with French mavericks for the past 20 years, including the likes of the legendary (and demanding) Alain Ducasse with whom he first worked with in 1990 at the 3 star hotel Louis XVI in Monaco and later at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée.

His tutelage was also handled by the consummate Bruno Cirino (who apparently gets on fine with a four hour sleep schedule and a weekly 150 km trip to handpick ingredients in San Remo) and Jacques Maximin, whose addiction for cigarettes, rough demeanor with clients and absolutely genius recipes have earned him the title of the Gainsbourg of the culinary world.

L'Abeille Shangri La Paris- Chef Moret joins the Shangri La Paris

Moret’s redesigned menu for l’Abeille is a clear nod to the chef’s mentors and the restaurants where he has plied his trade. The curiosity for different flavors acquired from working at the fusion restaurant “Spoon, Food and Wine in Paris”, carries through at l’Abeille with a menu including mouth watering ideas such as a “Duck Consommé” flavored with black tea and poached Foie Gras with hints of Lapsang Souchong from China.

The chef’s preference for the classics of the French culinary arts is evident, but the dishes remain fresh thanks to recipes that capture the imagination. The combination of smokey Lapsang Souchon tea and the rich and flavorsome Duck Consomée is heaven

The chef also draws inspiration from nature, and has a clear desire to emulate and harmonize with the french gardens of the hotel by conjuring dishes such as the Sole Meunière, with bone recreated from truffles and artichokes and served with preserved tomatoes as an accompaniment.

Chef Christophe Moret’s menu will be accented by the fine selection of the Head Sommelier Cédric Maupoint and Chef François Perret is in charge of the pastry department and is set to create the perfect full stop to Moret’s work.


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