Click your chopsticks for the Shangri La’s Chef Lee Sum

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The Shangri-La Hotel Paris brings more fresh blood into its kitchens with chef Samuel Lee Sum now taking over the Shang Palace, one of the city’s leading authorities in fine Cantonese cuisine. Chef Lee Sum is the second chef to join the Shangri-La Hotel Paris this year and his partnership with executive chef Christophe Moret and sommelier Maxime Verdier, opens up a new and exciting chapter for the Parisian Palace.

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Chef Lee Sum discovered a passion for the intricacies of Cantonese cuisine whilst shadowing his mother in their Hong Kong home and received his professional training under Bobby Lo of the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Beijing. The chef is currently busy crafting a world class menu that echoes the luxurious and exclusive feel of the Shang Palace and diners can expect him to continue in the spirit that has seen this unique restaurant rise to success in the Parisian foodie scene.


The restaurant’s signature starters such as the Peking duck are left untouched by the chef but we expect that you will savor every bite of its crackling red skin and the tender wok fried breast hiding underneath.

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Other signature dishes such as the red rice flour rolls with shrimp are filled with the crunch of fresh seasonal vegetables and delicious seafood.

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Chef Lee Sum is set to impose his innovative style with seasonal suggestions such as shredded chicken and grapefruit salad and the tantalizing quail soup with Bamboo and Black Mushrooms.

We can’t wait to dig into Samuel Lee Sum’s creations and if you’re on the same page, then why not have a look at some of the exclusives that we offer at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris.

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