We spoke about the versatility and elegance of the Be Dior Bag recently but before our wallets were given a chance to rest, the house of Dior threatens our credit rating with another timeless masterpiece, the Diorama bag.

Armed with actress Marion Cotillard as its ambassador and coming in 26 different designs, Dior is officially going for a no holes barred invasion of the accessory market and is steadily establishing itself as this year’s most in demand fashion house.

The Diorama Dior Bag appeared in the 2015 ready-to-wear fashion show and since they’re not really in the habit of making us wait this season, it’s already available to the public in Dior stores.  

Coming in multiple sizes and materials, the Diorama Dior Bag has a starting price of $3000 and the most exclusive of the lot is a $34,000 medium sized crocodile skin offering.

Be Dior or the Diorama bag? not quite close to a Sophie’s choice, but food for thought for the prospective buyer…. ah who are we kidding, just grab both!

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