Gentleman’s afternoon tea at the Stafford London

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Every man faces the danger of emasculation in his life.

High risk environments include womens designer stores, because even though you try to blend in, you’re ultimately condemned to be as comfortable as a beached whale lumped with the other husbands and boyfriends in the sitting area.

And of course, there’s the English tradition of the afternoon tea. Birthday’s, Valentine’s day, and anniversaries, sometimes leave you no other choice but to be submitted to the torture of the pastry tray, and as you roll over and pop those dainty delights into your mouth, you can practically hear your inner warrior clicking his tongue in utter disapproval.

If that’s your vision of the afternoon tea, well we’ve got news for you.

You can now rectify this sleight to your honor by booking a table at The Stafford London’s American Bar for a taste of their excellent “Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea” which takes all the elements of this tradition and injects it with a solid dose of testosterone.

This is an afternoon tea menu that actually looks like it’s worth spending an afternoon on. Black and White Image Afternoon Tea

Enjoy rich wagyu beef burgers on brioche, slow cooked sirloin on ciabatta or crunch into a portion of smoked salmon in brown bread. You can wash it all down with a cold bitter or your choice of spirits. Sweet tooths will enjoy the rum brulée, chocolate fondant and sweet berry cheese cake.

Inner warrior happy.

And just in case you were wondering….. you can still order tea if you choose too.

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