Ditch that GPS enabled smartphone Londoners because, luxury fashion house Hermès wants you to lose yourself in their latest exhibit, the Hermès Wanderland.

Well it’s not really about getting lost, but instead, indulging in the French art of “flanerie” or urban wandering, where one strolls the city streets with the sole purpose of soaking in the sights and sounds and watch others going about their business, kind of like a bohemian interpretation of loitering.

Hermès Wanderland​

Hermès encourages you to be a free spirit on the upper floor of the Chelsea Saatchi gallery until the second of May this year.

Using Paris as inspiration, various artists have turned 11 of the gallery’s rooms into surrealist landscapes to muse and contemplate until you scoot along to the next room.

Installed by set designer Hubert Le Gall, the exhibit uses different media to create its surrealist vistas. To add a further connection to the Hermès brand, every object incorporated in the art work is taken directly from the museum collection of Emile Hermès located in Paris.

Among the quirky rooms on display, there is an art installation with floor panels that speak, a café dedicated to lost and found objects, and an intriguing room filled with walking canes… looks like urban wandering has taken quite a Lewis Carolian twist.

Hermès Wanderland​

Hermès aims to introduce the concept to the world and the exhibit will be on display next in Paris, Turin and China so if you’re lucky enough to be in those parts of the world when the exhibition is on, get your walking stick and free spirit out and head there. Happy wandering!


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