When was the last time you went grocery shopping in the courtyard of a five star hotel? we’re willing to bet never. But if you’re in the whereabouts of the Rosewood London, you can get your hands on some local produce in their recenty launched Slow Food & Living Market which will take place every Sunday form 10.30- 3.00 pm.

Endorsed by Slow Food UK, the market is the only dedicated Slow Food & Living Market in London and features the quality produce of 30 artisan producers.

Slow Food and Living Market

The market is the brainchild of Amandine Chaignot the Rosewood London’s Executive Chef. Her philosophy of only selecting fresh ingredients that are GMO free, and sustainable in her restaurants, is perfectly mirrored in the slow food market.

Within the serenity of the hotel’s courtyard, you find a bunch of passionate producers whose crafting methods are absolutely novel.

For example, Ole Hanson, founder of the Hanson and Lyndon smoke house is a trained sound artist who believes in playing piano while his freshly caught salmon is placed in the smoking room and you can also find rarities such as honey beer and mead made from hives located on the rooftops of London Buildings.

The little haven of calm that is the market is perfect for spending quality time with family on a Sunday morning and the hotel is generous enough to transform a section of its ground floor into a playground for children complete with child carers, giant Jenga and foosball. So if you want to take it slow on Sunday morning in London, you’ve now got the address.



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