The Four Seasons now have their own high flying club but the membership fee might just keep you in check.

The legendary hotel chain takes to the skies in their very own Boeing 757 to offer a unique experience to passenger’s who won’t balk at its high admission fee, (the latest seat was worth a mind boggling $100,000) but it’s well worth the price because this groundbreaking concept is shaking up the industry and we’re not quite sure what it will take to top it.

The Four Seasons experience sees passengers embark on a guided tour of the world and fully engaging with the spirit of adventure….. with a glass of Dom Pérignon in hand of course.

One single trip could see you basking in Los Angeles on one day, feeding an elephant in the jungles of Chiang Mai on the next, and scraping the sands of the Maldives from under your boots on the third. It’s globetrotting taken to the next level.Four Seasons Private Jet

On the plane the Four Seasons service is guaranteed by an on board concierge and all meals are prepared by a former Four Seasons Executive Chef. To make sure the trip pans out like the charm it’s meant to be, there is constant communication between on board and onsite Four Seasons staff so that requests are met before guests even set foot on the ground. Creature comforts are assured by a constant flow of Dom Pérignon, Italian designed flatbed seats, Wifi, and on-demand entertainment and, If the price tag doesn’t make things exclusive enough, the limited seat count of 52 definitely will.

Four Seasons Anahita

The next tours for 2015 include a curated art tour of Europe where guests will have the opportunity to experience an exclusive visit of the State Hermitage Museum before it opens to the public and an around the world tour which will take passengers from the skyscrapers of New York to the desserts of the Serengeti.

If you would like to find out how to book yourself a seat on this once in a lifetime tour then why not let one of our LGEM’s give you a call and they can let you know all about it.

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