It doesn’t get much more select than presenting a curriculum vitae before sitting down for a drink and if you think you’ve got any chance of joining the creative minds at the Club Silencio, then that resume had better be packed with some serious credentials.

The brainchild of film director David Lynch, the Club Silencio is designed to be as elusive and secretive as the man behind it, so of course, that means entering is an exercise in glamour and networking which, if done right, will land you in one of the most exclusive nights you can have in Paris.

Club Silencio

The Club Silencio is the spiritual successor of a London gentlemen’s club where only individuals with recognized intellectual and creative achievements… and the ability to meet the hefty entrance fee (1000 GBP in this case) are allowed to call the place home, if they manage, they’ll find that the club’s address is deeply set in Paris’s artistic history. Number 142 rue de Montmartre is Molière’s reported burial place, Zola’s impassioned tirade “J’accuse” was printed in the basement, and the socialist intellectual Jean Jaurès was shot down for his convictions in the opposite café… We guarantee, that the living that haunt these walls are just as colorful and influential as the dead.

If you’re in town for a short stopover or don’t have the required credentials for membership, fear not, look the part after 12.00 and pray to god you get cherry picked by the doorman because this is the place you want to be seen at in Paris if you’ve got a modicum of interest in the glamorous side of the city.

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