Forgo those yellow taxis and jump on a saddle, because the best way to experience New York is when zipping through the streets on a designer bike, courtesy of the Gramercy Park Hotel.

This summer, the hotel gives the chance for guests to get up close and personal with the sights and sounds of the Big Apple by offering complimentary use of their Lorenzo Martone custom designed bikes.

Commissioned for the third year running to create the luxury hotel’s bicycles, Martone’s stylish design retains its distinctive red chain and electric colors that are sure to attract a few stares as you cruise around.

Gramercy Park Hotel

But guests staying at the hotel don’t have to cycle far to experience a classic and exclusive side of the city.

This quiet and tree lined area is filled with over 100 years of residential architecture including the townhouses of American icons such as the Rockefellers, the Roosevelts and the Astors and is home to the Gramercy Park, the only private park in New York (which the hotel gives you access to).

You’re also a push of a pedal away from the trendy shops and French bistros of the Lower East side but if you feel like getting a bit more active, taking your stylish ride to the bustling Times Square, the iconic Central Park or the bike paths of East River Park aren’t that much of a stretch.

Enjoy the ride!

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