If you want it done bigger and better, do it in Doha. The Four Seasons Doha have recently launched a 26,000 square foot Nobu restaurant that’s left designers and epicures shell shocked since its opening on March 17th.

The Nobu franchise is one of Japan’s most recognizable exports and the marvelous three story restaurant now towering over the Gulf’s waters is set to cement its position as one of the culinary greats of this world.

Four Seasons Doha Nobu

Designed to imitate nature with its warm wood tones, shimmering glass work and elaborate architecture depicting a recoiled shell, the Nobu at the Four Seasons Doha is visually stunning and one of architect David Rockwell’s finest pieces of work.

His imagination spans across seven areas which include a 134 seater dining area, 10 seater sushi counter, two expansive private dining areas and a 38 seater rooftop lounge with amazing views. But even though the restaurant’s sheer size and design is what will have everyone buzzing, the true adventure begins once you take a seat at the table.

The menu is crated by Chef Matsushiha, who is the kind of guy that still believes in the experience of the journeyman, and it shows in the menu. His training has taken him into various kitchens across the globe and the menu he’s designed for the Nobu fuses everything learnt from his travels with traditional Japanese cuisine for a stunning result.

If you’re willing to experience all of this first hand why not have a look at some of the great rates that we offer at the Four Seasons Doha or let us give you a call if you want to book a table at the Nobu.

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