How do you make a history lesson interesting? you let a luxury hotel like The Connaught do the teaching that’s how…

In a partnership with London’s leading tour guide, Fox & Squirrel, The Connaught hotel is set to teach guests a thing or two about the luxurious side of the swinging city through a series of selected tours.

Guests will be taken on a trip through time from the 17th to the 21st century, and shown how the cultural impact of luxury has taken Mayfair from a downmarket venue for fun and games during England’s post-plague years, into a worldwide icon of luxury.

Class is in session as from the 7th of July and a historian from the Fox & Squirrel will be at your side to comment on the various sites of the East London area and accompany you as you meet some of the city’s finest artisans and luxury brands.

So if you’ve ever wanted to delve in the archives of tailors and furniture makers, understand the importance and impact of Royal Warrant holders and see how renowned restaurants and establishments have achieved their standards for luxury service over the last century, then The Connaught, is more than happy to oblige.


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