The St. Regis and Jamie Cullum have teamed up in a high profile collaboration that is set to further cement the strong relationship between the hotel and Jazz music.

The St. Regis and the Jazz scene go together like peanut butter and jam and the greats of the genre have been banging on pianos and plucking strings at the St. Regis New York since the golden years of the genre.

It’s this intimate connection with the music that prompted the luxury hotel chain to launch the Jazz Legends at the St. Regis and put the most successful British Jazz artist in history, Jamie Cullum, at the helm of a concert tour across the chain’s hotels around the world.

The first show on schedule this year coincided with opening of the St.Regis’s first hotel in Istanbul, where Cullum’s music was only matched by his energetic stage antics in a performance that came dangerously close to overshadowing the main event itself. The next show on schedule will take place at the St. Regis Mexico City and further events will be held at the St Regis Bangkok and Bal Harbour amongst others, so stay tuned to find out about any upcoming dates.


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