Director of Mixology. The title oozes with the cool of a well made Martini and the man with the title– The Connaught’s Agostino Perrone– has shaken and stirred his way to earning it.

For 18 years Perrone has been plying his trade across Europe and thanks to The Connaught’s  The Art of Mixology classes, he’s about to give you all the tips of the trade– the exact same ones that have earned him The World’s Best Bartender Award — for you to try back home.

The Connaught Master of Mix

The Connaught Bar is considered one of the best in the world and it’s not just because it looks stunning and the drinks are great, after all there are other bars that can claim the same, what makes the Connaught Bar special, is the attention to detail:

Martinis are shaken NEVER stirred, the ice carving is perfect and near sacrosanct, and the staff’s knowledge is encyclopedic…if you’ve come here to learn you’re in especially capable hands.

Michelin-starred canapés by executive chef Hélène Darroze and a glass of champagne serve as the lesson’s introduction, but don’t be distracted and indulge for too long because the classes promise to be as in depth and experimental as you would expect them to be from a multi award winning team.

The Connaught Master of Mix 1

Focused around four cocktail themes and scheduled on separate dates, the classes promise a novel take on your favorite spirits and are sure to challenge your preconceptions with some delicious mixes.

Scheduled dates for classes are:

The Art of Mixology: Masters of Champagne

Laugh in the face of purists and learn how concoct the perfect Champagne cocktails. If you haven’t experienced one yet, you owe it to yourself. Class is in session on Saturday 5th of September

The Art of Mixology: Masters of Cognac

Strong and bold, Master Perrone plays with the strong flavors of Cognac to coax out something playful and absolutely unique. Class is in session on Saturday 19th of September,

The Art of Mixology: The Masters of Vodka and Gin

Learn how to make the famous Martini the Connaught way… enough said.  Class is in session on Saturday 31st of October.

The Art of Mixology: Masters of Whisky

Enlisting the help of Dalmore master blender Richard Paterson,  Agostino Perrone takes guests on a journey into the world’s trickiest spirit to master, Whisky. From Scotland to Japan, let your palate travel as you learn how to create blends with this tantalising but bold spirit.  Class is in session on Saturday 28th of November.


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