VIP hunters and wannabe starlets hang out in front of Le Montana every night. They’re not “lining up”… that would be unthinkable. Here, you’re either welcomed like a member of the family, or ignored like a pariah.

But they know that for bragging rights, the next best thing to being inside, is to be spotted out here… their next stop is probably the Baron.

More selective than the US parliament in giving out seats and membership, Le Montana is the kind of club you enter if you know someone who knows someone. Within its intimate space and Vincent Darré designed walls, kisses, hugs and “how are you’s” can be heard over the bass lines as everyone worth knowing in Paris, meet and greet.

Models, Pr boys and the occasional celebrity can be found here every other night, sipping on Piscines (Champagne and ice) and talking to each other like they’re long lost friends. If you’re on a first name basis with someone in there, you’re doing well for yourself.

Riding on the success of the night club, co-founders Vincent Darré and Elisabeth Lemercier recently annexed a hotel and an excellent restaurant, Le Gauche Caviar, which despite it’s recent opening, is already one of the hottest eats of the city.

Le Gauche Caviar

Le Gauche Caviar (roughly translated: champagne socialist or limousine liberal) makes no pretense about who it’s aimed at or what’s on the menu. Caviar pizza, caviar tagliatelle, dim sum caviar (you get the picture) are served  to Saint Germain’s socialites in a trendy Vincent Darré inspired setting. Though only a few months old, securing a seat at Le Caviar Gauche is proving to be as difficult as getting into Le Montana, so good luck on both counts, but if you manage, kudos to you, it’s well worth it.

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