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You’re under too much pressure to read this article right now, but you ought to anyway.

How many times have you said: “Sorry I don’t have the time” or “i’ve got too much to do”  and wondered what’s the going rate for a personal assistant these days?

If you’ve answered “quite a few” to any of those, we may have a solution for you. A stay at a luxury hotel. 

Do not disturb! intense relaxation being practiced

Hotels and resorts are meant to be about charging your batteries and keeping the mundane and all its hassles at bay. And if the daily grind has left you in a pulp there’s never been a better time to book yourself a stay and get back out there feeling energised and right again.

Luxury hotels are now increasingly sensitive to the wellness needs of guests and offer complete programs to cater for relaxation and fitness… and no we’re not just talking about a good massage and spa. This is the works, and care and effort have gone into creating a healthy environment for guests to enjoy should they choose to.

Slow and healthy eating and living

Peninsula Wellness

“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food” said Hippocrates and in a world that carelessly stuffs you with chemicals and concentrates, this old piece of wisdom rings especially true. And thankfully some of the world’s finest chefs have taken note.

Chef extraordinaire Alain Ducasse introduced his new restaurant in the recently renovated Hôtel Plaza Athénée. In his new offering, the chef puts all of his culinary know how to the service of “naturallness”(in a stunning restaurant design I may add) and offers no meats, instead favoring a selection of vegetable and fish based dishes that don’t skimp on the flavor nor on the healthiness and organicness of the product.

This is not unique to the Hôtel Plaza Athénée many hotels are now serving dishes with ingredients directly taken from their own vegetable gardens in order to guarantee sustainability, quality and of course, exceptional taste.

This is of course not the newest of trends. But the changing philosophy means that when you’re paying top dollar for a hotel meal, you’re now not only being guaranteed quality, but also an environmentally friendly and healthy option. It’s as win-win as it gets.    

Some hotels even take the concept further. Growing appreciation for quality produce has allowed the Rosewood hotel group to contribute to the wellbeing of the local community by offering London its first Slow food and Living Market. Packed with quality products from 30 artisan producers, here you can find anything from honey beer to innovators that smoke salmon to the sound of a piano (we’re not kidding)

A state of Zen

Six Senses Zhighy Bay Rooftop Yoga

Eating well is a great first step to wellness. We’ve seen above how hotels have adapted their kitchens to better suit us. But if you want the full treatment and detox. Good food will only get you so far.  

To help you achieve wellness, hotels are now going for a rounded approach combining meditation, fitness, and food for the ultimate detox stay.

Groups such as the Peninsula Hotels offer fitness focused programs for guests such as the Peninsula wellness program and the Peninsula wake up in Paris, which’ll have you starting your day with a yoga session on hotel’s rooftop (with the Eiffel Tower in the background), running a 9km run in the city streets and ending with a generous “Wellness Breakfast”.  The Four Seasons have recently pledged their support to the Global Wellness Day by hosting a slew of programs focused on massage and yoga techniques (including anti gravity yoga)  in their hotels around the world and In the spirit of altruism, The Connaught hotel in London now offers complimentary meditation classes upon booking for the public and guests during lunch hours.

Oscar meditating

Of course it’s not all sweat and pain, there’s the spa’s as well. Therapists in most leading hotels are now offering specialised massages and treatments designed to flush toxins right of the body, the Peninsula Hotels going as far as enlisting the help of the Wat Pho massage temple to train its therapists.

Many of the relaxation techniques and training exercises are TAUGHT at these hotels, meaning that you’re taking some invaluable lessons back home with you.   

Most of the hotels in our collection provide a wealth of fitness related holiday experiences and the possibility of benefiting from a room upgrades and extra time at the spa, when booking through us. So go ahead and reboot your life by looking at these amazing hotel offers here. Your well being will thank you for it.  

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