Exclusive interview with Le Meurice’s Cedric Grolet

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Patisserie prodigy Cedric Grolet needs no introduction to Le Meurice’s sweet tooths.

The winner of the Best Pastry Chef Award wows diners every night at the Alain Ducasse with one tastastic desert after the other, and, if you haven’t heard of Grolet yet, there’s no better introduction than dipping your spoon into his well crafted creations. The next best, is this exclusive interview of the chef.  We have a chat with Cedric about his influences, Alain Ducasse and alternative career plans… read on!


GLH: How has Alain Ducasse’s philosophy of “Naturalness” influenced your work ?
Cedric Grolet: Alain Ducasse’s approach in selecting the right ingredients is unique and inspiring. There’s attention to the background of the product, its history, and a will to make the natural flavor of the product shine.

GLH: Which is the most popular of all your creations and why?
CG: I find that my most popular creations involve seasonal fruits. I try to capture their essence within a thin layer of chocolate, moulded in the shape of the fruit i’m working with . Another popular creation, was the Rubik’s cake that came out last May.

GLH: Other than France, do you draw from another country’s cultural heritage for inspiration?
CG: I really like Asia and I’ve had the chance to visit on multiple occasions. The ingredients used there, really shine by their originality and finesse.

GLH: You recently won the Best Pastry Chef Award so congratulations are in order! In an alternate dimension where you aren’t the winner, who would you have given your vote to and why?
CG: I did indeed give my vote to someone during these awards but i’d rather keep that a secret 🙂

CedricGrolet 139 © Pierre Monetta LR

GLH: If you don’t have time to get super creative and elaborate, what’s the one dessert that always wins over the crowd?
CG: For a simple and tasty dessert, you can’t go wrong with the hot and cold blend of pan fried fruits and ice cream.

GLH: If you hadn’t chosen the career path of a Pastry Chef, what would you be doing for a living?
CG: I would be a Moto GP pilot.

GLH: What’s the most difficult dessert to make on an average night?
CG: The hardest, is the one that doesn’t yet exist. The one that needs to be started from scratch and composed on a blank page from the elements of your imagination.

CedricGrolet Noisette 214 © Pierre Monetta LR

GLH: With the best Pastry Chef awards in the bag, have you got your sights on the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France?”  
CG: I think of it sometimes but for now, I’ve got other objectives to meet before that one.

GLH: Is there one ingredient that you want to work with but haven’t tried yet?
CG: I like to work with ingredients that make me dream and I have not yet discovered the next one.   

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