For all the wrong reasons, India doesn’t get much credit as a luxury destination.

Backpackers and soul seekers often visit, regularly dodging tuk tuks and streets vendors, flooding their Instagram and Twitter feed with pictures of heavy traffic, pet monkeys and crowded temples.

Based on this, it’s understandable that your average luxury traveller doesn’t have India on his radar. However, they couldn’t be doing themselves more of a disservice.

India’s competitive prices and healthy economy means that backpackers and luxury travellers can be found there and due to its vast size, they’re unlikely to ever be in the same spot or get bored.

The country offers a smorgasbord of experiences and whether you’re after luxury shopping or sightseeing, India can deliver, with mountain retreats, ancient ruins, pristine beaches or the joy of relaxing in an authentic Indian Palace.

What’s more, if you plan on visiting the country in early November, you get the chance to see, Diwali, one of those bucket list type of festivals that fill every city and village in India with light. And your hotel will be no different.

The following hotels in our collection all offer a unique aspect of India and come with an impressive list of exclusive benefits. Read on to find out.


The Imperial New Delhi

Imperial New Delhi Exterior

With an excellent central location and a deep connection with India’s past, the Imperial New Delhi is a stunning hotel entrenched in the country’s history. Within these walls, Gandhi held talks for the partition of India and the hotel’s period decoration and photographs act as a time capsule for the modern visitor.

Imperial New Dlhi Chauffeur

The hotel is located at the cross section of Old and Imperial Delhi, so if you want to delve into the city and discover some of its heritage buildings, you’re in the perfect place to do so.

Imperial New Delhi Interior


Dusit Devarana

Dusit Deravana

Now for something a little different. A lot of Indian Luxury hotels are former palaces, and revel in their classic heritage. Not so the Dusit Devarana, one of India’s most exclusive and modern hotels.

Combining Thai and Indian designs over an impressive 8 acre property, and with a 330 foot long pool as a centrepiece, the hotel is generous with its outdoor areas, especially when considering the limited room count. But it all adds to the air of exclusivity and that’s always good in our books.

Located on the outskirts of New Delhi and next to the Guragon suburb, one of the county’s fastest growing economic hubs, the hotel is a symbol of the changing face of India. In here enjoy an exclusive hotel experience and a secluded retreat from the hustle and bustle of Delhi

Dusit Deravna Room


The Leela Palace Bangalore

9 acres of space filled with waterfalls, palm trees and marble fountains and a design based on the Royal Palace of Mysore and Vijayanagara architecture. Never heard of those? no problem, a picture is worth a thousand words anyway.

The Leela Palace Bangalore

There aren’t many hotels in Bangalore that can compete with the Leela Palace in terms of luxury, and its proximity to the airport, means it’s got the location check box ticked.

Leela Palace 2

The hotel also boasts the best 5 star restaurants in Bangalore and offers everything from Indian to French and Italian and they’ll all get your tastebuds racing.

Leela Palace 3


Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace Palace Hotels

The Taj Lake Palace was designed as a pleasure palace for the Prince Maharana Jagat Singh II and to this day it wears its royal heritage on its sleeve. The butlers and some members of the serving staff are the direct descendants of retainers that waited upon prince Maharana Jagat Singh himself and the hotel’s interiors and general design is simply regal.  

Taj Lake Palace Boat ride

Home to some of the most exquisite suites in India (arguably the world) and the sheer fact that it seems to be floating atop a lake has made this one of the most famous Indian Hotels, immortalised in a James Bond movie and postcards around the world.

Taj Lake Suite



Aman-I-Khas puts you right on the edge of a tiger sanctuary and is set in one of the most beautiful and untouched regions in the world.


Guests are housed in large luxury tents and wake up to hauntingly beautiful views and a sanctuary home to over 60 tigers and diverse fauna. But there’s no skimping on the luxury. All tents are air conditioned, incredibly spacious, and equipped with king size beds, rain showers, bathtubs and other amenities that you would find in a traditional hotel room.

Aman I Khas 2

All tents come with a 24/7 dedicated butler and the level of service that far outclasses their western contemporaries. Your butler is your go to man for whatever you need at the hotel. He will serve your meals, service your room, do your laundry, and as he stays on property, he is truly available 24/7 when you need him. It’s the best example of personalised service we’ve been given to experience.

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