The Brand New Kipling Suite at the Brown’s Hotel

Little Black Book

Envy, is not what I usually feel when I walk into a hotel room. But I’m sad to say, that after gawking at the Brown’s new Rudyard Kipling suite on a recent visit, the green monster, has come between designer Olga Polizzi and I.

If you fancy yourself design savvy keep your ego in check, come here and take notes instead because even if Kipling wrote the Jungle book in this suite, it’s the work of Rocco Forte’s Director of Design, that’ll make you want to stay. 

Rudyard Kipling Suite 3

Sitting Room


That’s doesn’t mean the writer’s spirit doesn’t have an effect. Far from it. Some of Polizzi’s inspiration for the suite is drawn from the pages of the Jungle Book and the result, is an excellent piece of contemporary design which is at times quirky, but never over the top and it would all fit snugly into modern apartment.

Accessories by Graham & Green – a funny little resin monkey hanging at the entrance – add to the jungle theme, so do the stylized wallpapers and fabrics by Lewis & Wood. Bespoke furniture by Julian Chichester and a collection of carefully curated antiques,( including a framed hand-written letter from Rudyard Kipling during one of his many stays at the hotel) give the suite it’s unique atmosphere and soul. Though it is one the better looking suites in London at the moment, the Kipling, doesn’t rest all of its appeal on its looks.

One of the most anticipated re-designs of 2016, the Kipling impresses with the generous amount of space it offers its guests as well. To cater to the demand for more spacious rooms hotel rooms in London, the Brown’s, smashed the Albermale suite and fused it with the Kipling to create a living space closer to a small apartment in spirit and size, than a regular suite.

Floor to ceiling windows give on to Mayfair Albermale street and add to the Kipling’s feeling of grandeur, while the spacious sitting room is ideal for those wanting to entertain guests of their own. If anyone decides to stay over the suite can be connected to two further rooms and turned into a two bedroom option. Thanks to it’s incredible looks, advantageous location and incredible space, the Kipling is set to be one of London’s most in demand suites for luxury travelers.  It’s certainly caught our eye.

Rudyard Kiping suite 2

Entrance Lobby

Rudyard Kipling Suite


Rudyard Kipling Suite Bathroom


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