It’s time to leave the house on the next best holiday of your life. You’re doing a mental checklist as you walk out the door: you’ve turned on the security alarm, locked all the doors, changed your house phone’s voice mail… all good! You’re set to go. Until you remember the dog that is.

You’ve forgotten man’s best friend and it’s a tad too late. What’s the solution? Hope that the hotel you’ve booked is as friendly with our furry friends as with you. And luckily, many are.

This week, we’re taking a look at some of the most pet friendly hotels in our collection. If the Big Apple isn’t on your dog’s travel itinerary, don’t worry we’ll be covering other destinations soon. Bear in mind that though most of the hotels in our collection are happy to accommodate your little companion, the following got the most wags and barks. Enjoy!

The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

Carlyle Central Park Room

Classic New York hotel, the Carlyle is an excellent pet friendly option for active owners… and pooches. From here, it’s only a short walk from Central Park and its 843 acres of – mostly – dog friendly land. There are some rules and regulations to keep an eye out for, but on the whole, the park is a great place to take you pet for a romp. Especially before 9.00am when they are allowed off a leash.

However, if you’re short on time, you can always use the Carlyle’s excellent dog walking services. Pet treats are also available, as well as customized Carlyle dog beds, bowls and spring water to help them cool down from a fun play session in the park.


The Surrey

The Surrey Hotel Pets

The Surrey understands that being “pet friendly” is more than just letting your furry friend spend the night for an extra fee. In this gem on the Upper East Side, your little companion gets as much attention as you do and it’s all hands on deck to make sure that happens.

The hotel’s Posh Pet program provides your dog with a biscuit menu and treats curated by Bocce’s Bakery, and dog walking and grooming services by Canine Styles. In room amenities and services include a monogrammed dog bed, food and water bowls and If you want to explore the Big Apple with your pet in tow, the Surrey’s list of pet friendly restaurants and parks will prove invaluable.


The Mark  Hotel

The Mark Hotel

The Mark Hotel is more than just pet friendly, in fact you can’t help but feel that everyone here is a dog lover at heart. Your pet gets greeted with enthusiasm by the friendly doormen from the very first day and inside, it’s more of the same.

If you want your dog to run wild, Central Park is just around the corner, but if a short walk will do, the Mark’s quiet tree lined neighborhood is a great place to go. Back at home, colorful Molly Mutt dog beds welcome your tired pooch, as well as signature water bowls and place mats.


The Dominick 

Trump Soho New York

It’s pampering with a view for you and your pet at the Trump Soho. The floor to ceiling windows of the hotel grant incredible views over the Big Apple, but they might be wasted on your dog, who’ll be too busy playing with the toys provided.

The hotel takes your companion’s comfort to heart with it’s well designed Trump Pets program. Gourmet treats can be selected from the in-room dining menu, and a comfortable dog bed awaits after a day of fun. If you’re on a business trip or are too busy making the most of the services the hotel has to offer, your Trump Attaché (personal assistant) will be more than happy to arrange for dog walking services.


The Lowell

The Lowell

Could the Lowell be the most dog friendly hotel of the lot? Well that’s not for you or I to decide but it certainly makes a good case for itself. As soon as you arrive at the hotel, your pet is offered its very own welcome letter and treats to start off its stay on the right foot (…sorry, paw!) and the pampering doesn’t stop there.

The hotel’s in room dining menu offers a wealth of presumably tasty and healthy options including the evocative “Bow Wow Wow” or the healthier sounding cage free turkey. Doggie meals are accompanied with organic oats, fruits and vegetables and in the evenings, you can treat your pooch to a serve of Harry’s Milk bones biscuits before bed time. Judging by the enthusiastic wag of our furry friend, it’s all Michelin Star stuff.  For the active dog, Central Park is nearby, but if you’re too busy, the Lowell’s very own Guest Service agents will be happy to take your dog for a stroll.


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