At long last! Our nail biting wait for the Ritz is over. Well, nearly…

The legendary hotel returns to the place Vendôme next week and our nerves, are nearly at an end. It’s understandable. After all, it’s been four long years since the hotel closed its doors and we can’t wait for the next chapter of its glamour filled history to finally start (we’d love to see if it can top anything you’ll find here?).

And for anyone out there ticking the days off on their calendar, we’ve got a little surprise for you!  

If you can’t wait to have a look at what’s behind the -very- closed doors of the Ritz, allow us the privilege of parting a crack in the curtains, and giving you a sneak peek. Our friends at the hotel have been nice enough to send some images to share with you, and though the pictures don’t show all the areas of the hotel, they’re a great indication of what’s in store. In our opinion it looks so good we might even be able forget that grueling four year wait…

So go ahead and see for yourself what the Ritz has in store. If you’re as smitten as we are, you’ll be glad to know that our Privilege and Connoisseur members have the chance of enjoying a guaranteed room upgrade, a complimentary american breakfast for two daily, and a round trip airport transfer upon booking.  Now that’s the way to experience a legend.

Ritz executive room main bedroom

Executive Room Main Bedroom

Ritz Junior Suite Deluxe

Junior Suite Deluxe

Ritz Vendome Bar Dining Room

Vendome Bar Dining Room

Ritz  Junior Suites Deluxe

Junior Suites Deluxe

Ritz Executive Suite  Living Room

Executive Suite Living Room

Ritz Executive Suite Living Room

Executive Suite Living Room

Ritz Executive Suite Bathroom Executive Suite Bathroom

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