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It’s time to get the sunscreen out! The summer months are now upon us and as thousands flock to the beach in search of that ephemeral tan, others have different plans on how to enjoy the weather.

Alfresco dining, for one, is on everyone’s to do list when the sun comes out, so expect to see all beachfront restaurants at max capacity within the next few months. If you’re looking for something a little special however, these beachfront bars and restaurants come with our highest recommendations. Enjoy.

Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea, Italy

The Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea was built in the early 19th century by local aristocrats, and to this day, it retains the atmosphere of a private residence.

You will find this intimate property of only 68 rooms and suites on Italy’s Bay of Mazzaro, and everything from its private beach to the azure blue of the bay’s waters has an air of romance and wonder unique to Italy’s coasts.

The hotel’s beachside restaurant, Oliviero, and its bar offer some of the best alfresco dining experiences in the Mediterranean and make it worth the trip.

Amazing Beach Front Restaurants Belmond S'aant'Andrea 1

Amazing Beach Front Restaurants Belmond S'aant'Andrea 2

Amazing Beach Front Restaurants Belmond S'aant'Andrea 3

Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum, Turkey

Tucked away on a private bay on Turkey’s Aegean Coast is the Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum- one of the sassiest little hotels we’ve come across. With only 86 rooms and 23 apartments, there is a definite sense of intimacy here, made even more special by the relative isolation of the Bodrum area.

The hotel’s secluded location is one of its main trump cards. It offers peace and quiet during the day, and a great party atmosphere in the evenings, making it one of the trendiest coastal hotels in Turkey. And with the promised opening of the Blue Marlin Ibiza franchise at the hotel, that reputation is going nowhere. The hotel offers 10 different restaurants and bars, many of which give onto the calm waters of the Aegean, so if you’re a fan of dinner with a view, this is the place.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum5

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum Assagio Terrace

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives

Located in the UNESCO heritage Baa Atoll, The Four Seasons Landaau Giravaaru is one of the most secluded hotels in the Maldives. If you’ve never been to the atoll paradise, you’ll be surprised to find out how rare that is, but the Four Seasons manages it so well that its waters are home to a Manta Ray Conservation Center and a nesting ground for two difference species of sea turtles.

Conservation aspirations aside, the seclusion creates a special atmosphere for you to enjoy the abundant waters, guaranteeing plenty of fresh catch on your plate every evening at the hotel’s restaurants, which by the way, look absolutely amazing.

Amazing Beach Front Restaurants Four Seasons Landaau Giraavaru 1

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaruu Shisha Bar

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru Sea Bar 3

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru Sea Bar

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru Sea Bar 2

Constance Lemuria, Seychelles

Choosing the one thing to like the most about the Constance Lemuria is near impossible. There’s the exquisitely well-designed villas and their drop-dead gorgeous views. Then, there’s Seychelles’ only 18-hole golf course, which feels like it’s been carved out of paradise, and finally there’s the three excellent restaurants dotting the coastline. Don’t force us to choose.

Constance Lemuria

Constance Lemuria Beach Bar

Constance Lemuria Takamaka

Capri Palace, Italy

The Capri Palace is not the kind of hotel you visit only once.

This privately owned hotel can be found on the jetsetter island of Capri, and it has every argument in the hotelier’s book to transform you into a returning guest. With only 72 rooms, excellent service, 2 Michelin-star restaurants and one internationally recognized medical spa, it’s impossible not to feel like this is your home away from home… except much better.

Both restaurants offer excellent traditional Italian fare and views onto the gorgeous cerulean blue sea… In one word, beautiful.

 Capri Palace Il-Riccio Restaurant 2

Capri Palace Il-Riccio Restaurant 3

Capri Palace Il-Riccio Restaurant 4

Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

If you want to run to the edge of the world, the Six Senses Zighy Bay comes with our highest recommendation as a hideaway of choice. This gem, on the shores of the Musandam Peninsula, is designed to look like a rustic Omani village (a luxury take on rustic of course), and the views and settings of the hotel’s restaurants are simply breathtaking.

Six Senses Zight Bay Beachfront Bar

Six Senses Zighy Bay, Sense on the Edge

Six Senses Sense on the Edge Restaurant Bar

Constance Prince Maurice, Mauritius

Set on the beautiful east coast of Mauritius, the Constance Prince Maurice’s restaurants use the hotel’s dramatic setting to full effect. The floating seafood restaurant, Le Barachois, is set on a lantern-lit pontoon above the calm waters of the bay, and whether you choose to look at the lush tropical foliage or the ocean, eye candy is guaranteed. The Archipel restaurant, in turn, gives onto the blue of the Indian Ocean, and if you’re a fan of a good aperitif, the hotel’s floating bar is an intimate and serene spot for a sun downer.

Constance Le Prince Maurice - Le Barachois 1

Constance Le Prince Maurice - Le Barachois

Constance Le Prince Maurice - Laguna Bar

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