As art aficionados know, exhibitions can be a bit of a mixed experience.

Laid out in an open space, they are usually impressive collections of works that you’d love to take your time to appreciate and contemplate at your leisure… only that another hundred or so visitors have the same itinerary.

However, guests at the Savoy Suite, An Artist’s Residence, can do away with the nuisance. As part of its exciting concept, the suite will feature contemporary artwork from a changing roster of artists, allowing guests the privilege of appreciating fine art up close, even from the comfort of their sheets if they choose to.

Savoy Suite 2

The first artist to grace the walls of the suite with his work, is none other than Ralph Heimans, the only person commissioned to do a portrait of the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee. Guests of the Savoy will also have the opportunity to have Heimans discuss his work during an informal Artist’s Salon session held in the suite itself and if you want to, it is possible to have your own portrait done (price on request).

The Savoy Suite, An Artist’s Residence, strengthens the hotel’s historical ties with the art world, started when Claude Monet established a long term residency at the Savoy and captured the sights from his window onto canvas. And what a site it is.

The Savoy Suite offers its residents one of the best views of the River Thames in London, and it’s easy to see how it served as Monet’s muse during his time at the hotel. The suite’s two large windows give onto a magnificent cityscape where you’ll spot many of London’s iconic bridges and modern monuments such as the London Eye, and of course, the iconic river. We love a hotel view with a strong sense of place, and nothing quite says “London!” as what you’ll find here when you pull the curtains, so in our opinion, the view alone, makes the Savoy Suite a winner.

Savoy Suite

Thanks to tasteful Pierre-Yves Rochon designs, what’s inside, is soft on the eye as well. Located on the Thames side of the hotel, the Suite retains the timeless Edwardian décor loved by the hotel’s purists. But Rochon’s redesign gives the room an Art Déco color palette of creams, ivories and blacks which make it fresh for the 21st Century.

The Savoy Suite’s novel concept is absolutely brilliant and much more than a beautiful hotel room. It’s an intimate connection with art and if you ever have the chance of having your favorite artist participate, it promises to be an unmissable experience.

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