Finding a good hotel in London is easy. But if you’re looking for an exceptional one… that’s a little harder to do.

The Connaught is found on a quiet street at the heart of London Mayfair. It’s home to an excellent 2 Michelin star restaurant, the city’s hottest bar, and exquisite suites designed by the likes of Guy Oliver and Michael Blair.

In other words, it’s the very definition of exceptional.

If you’d like to find out more and book a stay, you can do so right here and if you need any more convincing, you’ll find that below, in our news feature dedicated to the Connaught.



“Le Petit Chef” The ultimate masterclass for children.

Le Petit Chef

Ever noticed how lonely your tea or coffee looks without a slice of the Connaught’s fruit crumble beside it?

You haven’t? Well then you probably haven’t tasted the little wonders yet. If you have though, and your 17:00 sugar cravings are getting harder to handle; we’ve got some good news for you if you’ve got a night booked at the Connaught…and if you have a child that is.

Michelin Star Chef Hélène Darroze and the Connaught hotel are hosting a masterclass where the sugary secrets of the fruit crumble dessert will be revealed to your kids.

Dubbed “Le Petit Chef”, the masterclass is a step-by- step Connaught Culinary journey specially designed for the little ones.

The Connaught 2

Armed with their custom made apron, wooden spoon and Chef’s hat, the Chef’s in the making are ready to experience the passion, discipline and creativity that goes into creating a pastry in one of the world’s top kitchens.

And you’ll be the first to sink your fork in it.

Once ready, the crumble is left in the oven until you and your little ones have finished eating lunch or dinner together at the Hélène Darroze at the Connaught.

When the meal is over, your child will return to the kitchens to fetch their sugary creation and present it to you.

The crumble can be enjoyed then and there or back in the comfort of your room while enjoying a selection of foodie films handpicked by the Connaught.

It’s a delicious and fun filled way for your child to learn something new and if he/she is feeling generous, they might even want to make one for mummy or daddy’s afternoon tea. Perfect!


And the World’s Best Cocktail Bar and Best International Hotel Bar award goes to…

Connaught Bar

23rd of July 2016 was a great night for the Connaught’s Director of Mixology Agostino Perrone.

The World’s Best Cocktail Bar and Best International Hotel Bar awards were handed to the Connaught, during the Tales of the Cocktails event held in New Orleans.

The accolades are deserved. The work of Agostino Perrone and his staff regularly net them the most prestigious awards in the industry… and meter long queues outside the doors of the hotel.

Opened in 2008, the Connaught Bar has been a trendsetter in the London bar scene ever since. If you ever get the chance to step inside for a drink and a chat, make it a point to order a Martini. Because, if a bar has a signature silver plated trolley dedicated to the drink; you know it’s the best in town.

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