The thrill of the hunt is intoxicating.

Whether you’re out in the field with a gun in your hand or in an antique store looking for Hummel figurines and Gilberts clocks; closing in on your target is just as exciting… And some would say, just as bloody.

Because navigating the ins and outs of antique shopping is a daunting task for beginners and old hands alike.

You have to decide if your future purchase is genuine, if its rarity justifies the price, how many times it’s been repaired, and of course, if you’re not the one with a silver tongue; you might leave with the wrong end of the deal. If you want to enter the fray, any help you can get, is welcome.

That’s where LAPADA comes in.

LAPADA is “the largest society of professional art and antiques dealers in the UK” and it’s the country’s first antiques trade association to introduce a code of practice so consumers can shop in complete confidence.

The association counts over 550 registered dealers, so whichever class of items you’re looking for in the antiques spectrum; chances are you’ll be able to find one that is LADAPA approved. All you have to do, is spot LAPADA’s Golden Chandelier symbol on the storefront; and you’re safe.

Or, you can head to the LAPADA art and antiques fair held in Berkeley square London this September where all the best dealers in the UK will be gathered.


The LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair is THE place to go if you want to shop for the UK’s top antiques in a convivial setting. Every single item present at the fair is vetted by a committee of specialists based on their authenticity, date, and condition. So you can go ahead and shop in complete confidence.

The 100 exhibitors present will feature works from various mediums including fine art, clocks, tapestries, silver and much more. With a price range starting from £500 to £500,000 and above; you’re sure to find something in there that tickles your fancy.

Lapada Art and Antiques Fair - ArtHistorical Stand

ArtHistorical Stand – Photo Credit –

The fair is held from the 13-18 of September. If you’re on the fence about a purchase, the 5 day period gives you enough time to make up your mind. Unless someone jumps in ahead of you of course.

To avoid this problem, staying as close to the action as possible is a definite advantage… and that’s where we come in. Located only five minutes from Berkeley square, staying in the following three hotels gives you plenty of time to enjoy your afternoon tea and head back out again for some more antique browsing.

LAPADA Arts and Antique Fair

Howard Walwyn Ltd. Clocks – Photo Credit –

Lapada Art and Antiques Fair - Michael Lipitich Stand

Michael Liptich Stand- Photo Credit –

LAPADA Arts and Antique Fair - Fair Visitor

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Where to stay

The Chesterfield Mayfair

The Chesterfield Mayfair wears its old school appeal on its sleeve. Three Georgian townhouses make up the hotel and everything from the bowler hat wearing doorman, to the antique furniture and dark wood panelings make it feel like an enclave of old world charm.

Cosy and intimate, the Chesterfield is the place to go if you want to relax and enjoy the comforts of British luxury without the crowds and fanfare of the bigger establishments. And their afternoon tea, is heaven on a tray.

The Chesterfield Mayfair - Lobby

The Connaught

How the Connaught can fit so many luxurious surprises in one building is a mystery. There must be magic at play. The first sign of it, is the hotel’s location in Carlos Place; a rare pocket of calm at the heart of Mayfair where you’ll find a Tadao Ando water display to marvel at. Magic’s at play indeed.

Inside, the contemporary meets old world design will have you under its charm the minute you walk through the door. In your room, a marble fireplace and a cosy couch will prove hard to resist and the Michelin Star dining at the Hélène Darroze is simply out of this world. If you’re in the mood for some pampering, jump in the lift and head down to the basement for the UK’s only Aman Spa.

The Connaught - Exterior


Celebrities, politicians, business moguls and wide eyed visitors trying their best not to stare. That’s the crowd at the Clardige’s. The hotel’s coddled the world’s elite ever since 1894 and judging by brand new additions such as the Fera restaurant (Michelin Star) and its constant string of accolades; it’s not stopping anytime soon.

The Claridge’s is where London’s well heeled come to have fun and get pampered; if you want to experience one of the best levels of service in the world and some of the most opulent rooms and suites in the city, then look no further than the Claridge’s. It’s the very definition of grand luxury.


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