The Savoy Royal Suite: Butlers, hairdressers and make up artists on demand…

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If booking a hotel room with 24 hour butler service and access to hairdresser, make up artist and therapist feels like overkill to you; then stay away from the Savoy’s Royal Suite. However, If you can put such an entourage to good use, then it might just be the perfect place to stay on your next trip.


Savoy Royal Suite

SVY-596 The Savoy Royal Suite Living Room

Designed to cater for royalty, world leaders and anyone who needs discreet 24 hour personalized service on the tap, the Royal Suite is hands down one of London’s best suite options out there.

It was unveiled in 2010 following the Savoy’s lengthy three year renovation and has been the hotel room of choice for anyone who could afford it ever since.

Now, only 6 years later, the Savoy has taken it back to the drawing board, and if it was the stuff of dreams then; what you’ll have access to now is nothing short of heavenly.

The hotel enlisted designer Pierre-Yves Rochon to create a suite that feels like an extension of your lifestyle and not just another top tier hotel room. Sure, the Butler service and other members of staff (more on that later) might break the 4th wall, but every bit of the Savoy’s Royal Suite is made to feel like you’re the lucky owner of the best apartment in central London.

SVY-601 The Savoy Royal Suite Bedroom

Royal Suite Bedroom

The suite, comprises an open – plan procession of rooms spanning the entire riverside of the fifth floor and just outside the grandiose floor to ceiling windows, is a view of the Thames River and the city’s iconic landmarks: Canary Wharf, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and seven of London’s bridges… all you have to do to see them, is crack open the curtains.


A king’s retinue.

With looks to please the most demanding of travelers, you would expect the Royal Suite to have the service to match and it does.

Book the Royal Suite and you’ll have 24 hour access to your own dedicated Savoy Royal Entourage to cater to your every need from red carpet event preparation in – suite to organizing private in – suite viewings of the latest fashion collection.  The Royal Entourage includes:

– Butler Service

– London Concierge

– Chef and Bartender

– Therapist

– Personal Shopper

– Hairdresser

– Make up artist.

If you need a private luxury enclave for your next event in London, or are simply looking for ultimate discretion and service for your next family trip; the Royal Suite was made with you in mind. For more information and bookings, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you set up the perfect hotel experience in London today.


SVY-602 The Royal Suite Bathroom

The Royal Suite Bathroom

SVY-605 The Savoy Royal Suite Bar with Erik Lorincz

The Royal Suite Bar

SVY-600 The Savoy Royal Suite Morning Room

The Savoy Hotel Suite Morning Room

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