Marius Caluser, the Claridge’s first Choreographer in Residence

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It just doesn’t get more wonderful… or stressful, than a wedding.

As anyone whose about to tie the knot will tell you, the long preparations leading to the big day can turn doe-eyed couples into frothing bride and groom-zillas with a vendetta against wedding planners and anyone who doesn’t fit in, or understand their hectic schedule.

It’s a hard time, and nowadays, couples can add one more worry to their list: the first dance.

A carefully choreographed and well executed first dance is now a staple at wedding ceremonies. Though your performance won’t be submitted to trial by score card, make no mistake; you’re being judged.

The Claridge’s hotel London helps you pass this first test of married life with flying colors by offering the help of Marius Caluser, their first choreographer in residence.

Claridges Dance

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During the “First Dance” experience, Caluser, an award winning dance teacher and choreographer, ranked among the best in the world, lends his professional advice and talent to help couples prepare for the special day.

Whether you choose to impress your guests with the elegance of a waltz or foxtrot or the passion of the tango or rumba, Marius Caluser will help you prepare your special moment during the First Dance classes.

Available to all brides and grooms getting married at the Claridge’s, the First Dance is a complimentary session held in a private dance studio in Mayfair. Further lessons can be arranged directly with Marius Caluser.

Should you wish to arrange a series of classes, the final rehearsal will take place in the beautiful Art Deco setting of the Clardige’s ballroom, and followed by Champagne at the Fumoir.

“I am honoured and excited to be the first ever choreographer in residence at London’s most glamourous and iconic Art Deco setting. The First Dance at Clardige’s will definitely be a memory couples can cherish forever. We hope the lessons will be huge fun and I look forward to preparing brides and grooms for the most important dance of their lives. Our goal is to add joy, romance and fun to their marriage for years to come.”

If you would like to celebrate your wedding or simply book a night at the Clarige’s, one of the easiest ways to do so is get in touch with us, and we’ll assign you a personal assistant to do the rest. It’s as easy as that.


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