Why Nikkei Nine is one of Hamburg’s best restaurants

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“Nikkei” is the lovechild of Japanese and Peruvian cooking that’s got the culinary world buzzing, it’s so good; you might end up trusting fusion cuisine again. If you’re a fan or have yet to try, the Nikkei Nine in Hamburg is the place to go. 


If you had to describe Hamburg’s food scene in one word “Hipsterish” would be right on the money.

Germany’s most popular city is a land of artisan food, craft beers, colorful food trucks, and restaurants carved out the warehouses of former industrial sites. The people here have a preference for the regions’ organically grown produce, slow food, and knowing every detail of what they find on their plate.

The eats are stylish too. whether you’re in the mood for a cheese burger or one of the city’s 17 Michelin star restaurants the setting is meant to be as impressive as the food. 

For newcomers, it’s tough to stand out. You’ve got to bring something special to the table (no pun intended) but for some it comes easier than others. And, Judging by the buzz surrounding the hotel Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten’s latest restaurant, the Nikkei Nine, they’ve managed to do just that

It’s only been open for four months, but the restaurant’s reputation is already causing waves to the point that getting a table is a task best left to top notch concierges.

What’s the secret? A centuries-old culinary tradition born in the coastal towns of Peru and a world class hotel and restaurant in which to showcase it.


Nikkei? What’s the big deal?

Nikkei Nine Hamburg

Nikkei Nine-  Great food, vibe and design. 

Nikkei is fusion cuisine done right.

Its dishes aren’t culinary Frankenstein’s one should approach with a pitchfork and fear, but are instead, the result of an organic fusion of cultures stewing in Peru for nearly a century.  Nowadays, few cuisines are quite as trendy as Nikkei and you’ll usually find it served in high-end restaurants such as the Nikkei Nine or Nobu. But it’s origins are much more down to earth and born from a deep longing for home.


Nikkei Nine – Octopus with Aji Panc Anticucho 

In the 1800’s, Japanese emigration companies marketed Peru as a faraway land filled with gold and fertile lands. To the joy of Peruvian plantation and railway owners who badly needed the labor, young Japanese men responded to the campaign in droves and when they came, they brought their traditions and a deep longing for the food they’d grown up with and left behind.

Since soy sauce and yuzu weren’t exactly filling the store shelves in Lima, the Japanese turned to local ingredients such as limes, aji peppers and yuca to create a semblance of the food they yearned for. When the Japanese worker’s contracts ended and they decided to stay on, many of them started opening restaurants selling this unique cuisine, and then and there, Nikkei, was born.

Nikke Nine

Koji Cod

One look at the Nikkei Nine though, and it’s clear that Nikkei’s moved far past its “soul food” origins when it decided to pack its bags and leave Peru.


Nikkei Nine Restaurant


This restaurant was built to impress. Some of Germany and Europe’s biggest brands joined forces to create the Nikkei Nine, and whether you’re popping in for a few rounds at the bar or managed to secure a table, the restaurant’s looks easily justify the buzz before you’ve tasted anything on the menu.

Nikkei Nine

Imagined as a design and lifestyle restaurant, the elements which make up the interior of the Nikkei Nine were all created bespoke.

Lights by Sans Souci, fabrics from JAB, Rubelli and Armani Casa, and walnut flooring by Bavarian brand Schotten & Hansen make the Nikkei Nine one of Hamburg’s most stylish places to sit down for a meal or a drink. The restaurant’s selection of works by artists – European and Japanese-  inspired by Japanese or Asian art, are the perfect extension of the cultural blend Nikkei is all about.

Nikkei Nine

Nikkei Nine – Seafood Toban Yaki


The Nikkei Nine’s concept was imagined by General Manager Ingo C. Peters and his Executive team. Intended as a lifestyle destination, the restaurant doubles up as a hype hang out from Thursday to Saturday when the resident DJ plays some relaxed tunes to create one of the coolest atmospheres in Hamburg. If you want to book a table, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to do the rest.




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