The Beverley Hills Hotel – Music and Drinks

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Spice up your summer trip to LA with a stay at the glitzy Beverley Hills Hotel.

For the warmer months, patrons of the hotel’s Bar Nineteen 12 can enjoy specialty cocktails and live jazz played by popular crooner and stage actor Luca Ellis which you can enjoy with friends on the bar’s spacious patio, or on a romantic evening for two, tucked away in a private corner.

For the cocktail lovers, brand new creations by the hotel’s mixologists such as Blueberry Lavender Fizz, Think Pink and reinterpretations of classics such as the Moscow Mule find their way on a menu already bursting with stellar creations.



The Clardige’s – Dead Rabbit Pop up Bar

Dead Rabbit Bar at the Claridge's - Hotel News

You heard it here first but it bears repeating.

The winner of The World’s Best Bar award, and New York’s hottest speakeasy, The Dead Rabbit, is coming to the Claridge’s this summer.

From the 15th- 22nd of August 2017, the Claridge’s Bar area is transformed into a playground of mischief and mayhem as the Dead Rabbit’s unique vibes take over.

With a name taken from an Irish- American gang from the 1850’s and an attitude that challenges the status quo of what an Irish bar ought to be, the bars’ description as an “Irish Bar for the 21st Century” is right on the money. If you’re at the Claridge’s during that time – or just want to pop in- you can expect to taste the finest Guinness outside of Ireland, and a selection of whiskey’s from the bar’s private collection, including innovative cocktails such as the Psycho Killer and their interpretation of the Irish coffee. The highlights on the food menu include Lobster deviled eggs, Cumberland sausage rolls, and Irish Lamb Shepherd’s pie. Definitely not one to be missed.



Hotel Cafe Royal

Hotel Cafe Royal-

Travel enough and chances are you’ll know the sting of arriving at a destination without your luggage. Whether delayed, sent off to another country, or lost, nothing puts a downer on your trip more than not having what you need with you.

If you’re at the Hotel Cafe Royal however, you’re in good hands. As from September, Thanks to an exclusive partnership, the Hotel Cafe Royal can provide its luggage orphaned guests with designer clothes within 90 minutes. All it takes, is one call to the concierge, and you’re saved.

For guests staying in a suite, a personal shopping service and telephone consultation with the fashion website can be pre-booked. Intended for guests in need of some style advice or time starved guests after a wardrobe revamp, this exclusive service includes the delivery of a curated wardrobe hand picked from over 400 fashion brands delivered in the suite, before your arrival.



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