The years roll on by, but days at The St. Regis Bali Resort always end the same. 18:30, on the dot, the lights around the hotel dim and give way to the fire of the tiki torches in the ponds and lobby. The pounding of traditional drums draws guests to the hotel’s ground floor, smartphones come flying out, and costumed fire dancers make their way through the crowds.

For the next 30 minutes or so, it’s a high flying performance of spinning flames, dancing and cheers from the crowd till the final beat is played, and the last flame is out. The day is over, time for dinner. 

The Balinese tradition of the fire dance is one of the many experiences The St. Regis Bali Resort offers to its guests. Locked away behind the gates of the Nusa Dua compound, the St. Regis is one of Indonesia’s best hotels and if you’re on the fence over whether it’s right for you, this comprehensive overview of the hotel and its facilities should help you decide.

The St. Regis Bali Resort, An Overview


St. Regis Bali - Nusa Dua

  • Approximately 25 minutes from Nghura Rai International airport. 
  • Close to: The Water Blow rock formation, Pascifika Museum, Serangan Island turtle conservation area, Blue Point Beach, Geger Beach.

Hidden away from the revelers of Seminyak, and far from the undulating rice paddies of Ubud, the luxury enclave of Nusa Dua, offers a somewhat… sanitized version of Bali. There’s 18-hole golf courses, luxury shopping outlets, and pristine beaches combed and cleaned every day till they’re Instagram feed ready.

In other words, if you’re after that “Eat, Pray, Love” spiritual connection with the country, or want to party like crazy, it isn’t exactly the place to be. What this gated and guarded community offers, is the best of both worlds.

The most developed area on the island, Nusa Dua is perfect for travelling families or anyone looking for a luxury getaway under the sun without having Bali shoved down their throats. It’s also home to some of the best luxury resorts and hotels in Indonesia. Among this hallowed group – featuring high calibres such as Aman Nusa, Grand Hyatt Bali, The Laguna, A luxury Collection Resort & Spa –  the St Regis Bali, stands high above the rest.

The Rooms

No standard rooms here, the St. Regis is a Suite and Villa only hotel, and one of the best around. Whether you’re booked into the entry level St. Regis Suite, or the decadent Strand Residence, you’re guaranteed designs which blend New York chic and Balinese exoticism (not to mention views of the Indian Ocean every time you open your window). To help you get a sense of what to expect, we’ve included an overview of some of the rooms below. For prices and availability, check right here

The St. Regis Suite

St Regis Bali - St. Regis Suite Bed

 Things to know
  • Room Size: 92m2
  • Capacity: 2 Guests
  • Bed Type: 1 King Bed
  • Perks: Butler Service, Private Balcony

The St. Regis Suite might be the resort’s entry level room, but it still offers an impressive 92 m2 of space of private paradise for you to revel in.

St Regis fans will feel right at home in this contemporary residence style room where state of the art technology and Balinese traditional art and artifacts sit side by side like they were always meant to be. Though the inside is gorgeous – a comfortable King Size bed, and spacious marble bathroom are of note – we’re willing to bet that the bulk of your time will be spent on the daybeds of your private balcony. Despite being entry level, the St.Regis Suite comes with the brand’s signature Butler service, so if you can’t be bothered fixing your Mai Tai’s yourself, all you’ll have to do is ask.

The St.Regis Pool Suite

St. Regis Bali - Pool Suite

 Things to know
  • Room Size: 92m2
  • Capacity: 2 Guests
  • Bed Type: 1 King Bed
  • Perks: Butler Service, Private Balcony, Private Pool, Gazebo

The St.Regis Bali is one of the few resorts in Nusa Dua to offer a private strip of beach to its guests. But, if you want to really get comfortable, there’s nothing quite like having your own pool and jacuzzi to jump into whenever you want to simmer down from the Balinese heat. For that little bit of extra decadence, the St.Regis Pool Suite( one category higher than the St.Regis Suite) is exactly what you need.

Tucked away in a private garden and featuring your very own bale begong (Balinese Gazebo ) to lounge and relax in, the St.Regis Pool Suite’ extra features (private plunge pool/jacuzzi and gazebo) are worth the extra outlay if “staying – in” is something you look forward to on your travels.

The Gardenia Villa

St.Regis Bali - Gardenia Villa

Things to know
  • Room Size: 131m2
  • Capacity: 2 Guests
  • Bed Type: 1 King Bed
  • Perks: Private Pool, Gazebo, Fully equipped kitchenette, Direct access to Lagoon or Beach, Private Terrace, Butler Service

Bit by the lovebug? We can’t help but think that the Gardenia Villa was made with honeymooners in mind. A secluded location on the resort, and a generous amount of palm trees and tropical foliage means that you’re at a safe distance from any neighbors (and them from you) while staying here.

Within this mini Eden, privacy is guaranteed, and it’s so spacious -9411 sqm – that it’s hard to believe it was designed for two. If you’d like to put in a few laps, the generously sized pool is more than able to accommodate, or your can just use it to swim to your private gazebo. The Gardenia Villa, also comes with direct access to the St Regis’ private beach.

The Strand Villa

St. Regis Bali - The Strand Villa Living Area

Things to know
  • Room Size: 131m2
  • Capacity: 2 Guests
  • Bed Type: 1 King Bed
  • Perks: Private Terrace with panoramic garden, pool, private gazebo and direct access to the lagoon or beach, Butler Service.

The one to pick for those with a large family or retinue in tow. The Strand Residence, is more holiday home than hotel room. With its 966 sqm of space which comprises a king sized room on the ground floor and two king size beds on the upper floor as well as spacious living and dining areas, it’s the place that lets you be a family in paradise without anyone stepping on each others toes.

Kids 4-12 staying at the Villa are offered complimentary access to the Children’s Learning Center, an innovative and fun space where they can learn and play while mom and dad make the most of the private pool and gazebo.The Villa also grants direct access to the Lagoon or Beach and, of course, your private Butler is always at hand for any requests.

The Restaurants & Bars


St. Regis Bali- Kayaputi

The St. Regis Bali is known to offer some of the best dining experiences on the island and the Kayaputi, its flagship restaurant, has the potential to surprise even the most hardened and nitpicky critic. The exceptional views of the Indian Ocean and sea breeze are the perfect complement to the Kayaputi’s Asian influenced Haute Cusine, where you’ll even find Sturia caviar depending on the season.


St. Regis Bali - Boneka

The Boneka offers all day dining, but if there’s one time to go, it’s breakfast. Perched on the upper levels of the hotel and offering gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean, there’s nothing quite like starting the day with a good meal on this restaurant’s terrace. The breakfast menu offers signature Balinese dishes, but if you really want to start the day off right, order their lobster omelette. You’ll be hooked.

P.S: The St. Regis’ association with the Jazz scene continues on the sunny shores of Nusa Dua. On Friday evenings and Sunday brunch, you can catch the hotel’s resident saxophonist and singer belting out their repertoire at the Boneka with the sounds of crashing waves for background ambiance. Perfect.


St.Regis Bali- Dugal Restaurant

St.Regis Bali – The Dulang Restaurant

Located in a remote corner of the hotel’s gardens, in an intimate setting bathed in Balinese live music and the warm lights of overhanging lanterns, the Dulang, is a romantic dining experience unique to the St. Regis. It offers traditional Balinese food at its best – its Rijstaffel is a must – and in terms of looks, you’ll struggle to find a more charming and authentic restaurant on the island.

Gourmand Deli

St. Regis Bali Gourmand Deli

Whether you just want to grab a quick bite to take to the beach, or a place to settle down for a Club Sandwich, the Gourmand Deli, is one of the best spots in Nusa Dua to do so. The eclectic menu has everything from European cheeses and wines to Sturia Caviar and of course, local delicacies such as Nasi Goreng and the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak – dubbed the “Champagne of Coffees” – are on the menu. 

King Cole Bar

St. Regis Bali - King Cole Bar


It’s your good ole New York King Cole but with an Indonesian twist. Nusa Dua’s version of the legendary King Cole is blessed with hand-crafted Balinese artifacts and the azure blue Indian Ocean for a background, but on the menu, you can expect the same quality Champagnes and mixology miracles that you would find in the Big Apple. The bar’s terrace is one of the best viewing spots for the St. Regis Bali’s evening fire dance ritual, and the Astor family tradition of the afternoon tea lives on here everyday from 3.00 pm – 5.30 pm.

Vista Bar

St.Regis Bali - Vista Bar

Reserved for guests only, the Vista Bar is a swim – up pool bar with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean for a backdrop, and where fresh coconut juice, cocktails and champagne is served.

Why Stay?

Families and anyone looking for an “all- rounder” type of holiday will love the St. Regis Bali. Once you’re behind the gates of the Nusa Dua enclave, you’re in an area made for the luxury traveler in mind.

It’s the place to be if you want to squeeze in a few rounds of golf and shopping sprees while staying away from the tropes now associated with Bali. The St. Regis easily offers one of the best luxury hotel experiences here, with all the signature perks and traditions the chain is known.

Despite being hidden away from the usual tropes associated with the Island, you’re only a 30 minute cab ride to the clubbing strips of Seminyak and though not as abundant as on the outside, ancient temples can be found within the enclave (this is the Island of the Gods after all).

Other perks include some of the best dining options Bali has to offer, and one of the largest swimming pools as well – an impressive 3,668 sqm. The St. Regis Baali Resort consolidates its family hotel credentials with the excellent Children’s Learning Center. Available on full day or half day and run by an all female staff, the center aims to educate and entertain the little ones with musical instruments, Balinese dancing, cooking lessons and other activities while you’re enjoying some alone time. If you’d like to book a stay or would like more information on this hotel, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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