A Getaway in Italy with the Baglioni Hotels: Venice and Florence


Are you planning your next getaway? Italy should be on your bucket list and the two trending destinations are Venice and Florence. These two historical cities have a lot to offer in terms of cultural and historical heritage, architecture and more. The best part is that Venice and Florence are around 2 hours apart by train. One thing’s for sure, you’re up for an exciting adventure. Wondering where to stay? We recommend the Baglioni Hotels which offer warmth, comfort and unique experiences.


Romantic gondola rides come to mind when you think of Venice and it’s no wonder that it’s known as the “Floating City”. Made up of 118 islands connected by canals and bridges, the only way to go around the city is by boat or ferry and that’s what makes its charm.

The Baglioni Hotel Luna

It’s one of the oldest hotels in Venice and it’s known for its aristocratic charm and its picturesque views over the Venetian Lagoon. The Baglioni Hotel Luna represents classic Venetian style at its best and evokes a Renaissance atmosphere. The decor is traditional with majestic chandeliers, period-style furniture and sumptuous fabrics and it’s easy to feel transported back in time.

The rooms and suites are elegant and classy without being overly pompous. You are immediately comfortable despite the dominant Italian renaissance decor. When you’re tired after exploring the streets of Venice, your room is the right place to unwind.

Dinner at the hotel’s cozy restaurant, Canova, is an amazing experience. Chef Daniele Zennaro revisits traditional Italian cuisine and adds his personal touch to classic dishes. These exceptional dishes have everything to satisfy even the toughest foodie.

The Luna wants to make your stay in Venice memorable and offers a range of unique experiences. You can either discover the art of glass making through a workshop with an expert from Linea Murano Art or tour the city with Codega, an intriguing personality of ancient Venice. It’s the perfect way to discover old traditions and the hidden corners of the old city.

Visit the City

The Luna is close to San Marco square, one of the main touristic areas of Venice which is known for its architecture and stunning landmarks. Take a short stroll to visit the Basilica which was built during the 11th century and combines both eastern and western architecture and design in an original way.

Another must-see landmark is the Campanile di San Marco, a 99 meter ancient lighthouse in the centre of the square. You can climb to the top for a panoramic view of Venice.

If you dislike heights, visit the Bridge of Sighs, one of the most famous sights in Venice. An old legend claims that couples who kiss on a gondola at sunset under that bridge will experience eternal love. A gondola ride is a great way to explore Venice’s canals and it’s a must when you’re in the city.

Shopping aficionados love Venice which houses a variety of shops ranging from traditional shops to Italian designer boutiques. Whether you’re planning to upgrade your wardrobe or just want some souvenirs to take home, San Marco has everything from leather accessories to local handicrafts.


It’s the Cradle of Renaissance and who are we to disagree with that? The capital of Tuscany boasts an exceptional number of art and architecture masterpieces from the golden age. The churches and museums boast frescos, paintings and sculptures from the Renaissance period and it’s no wonder that Florence is classified as a Unesco World Heritage site.

Relais Santa Croce

Set in a 18th century Palazzo, the Relais Santa Croce is one of the most luxurious hotels in Florence. The hotel sports original frescoes and hand-sculpted reliefs, as well as architectural elements inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci. It feels like you’re traveling back in time.

This stunning hotel’s rooms feature a combination of classic and modern furniture. Each room is different and offer stunning views over Florence. The soft hues give a relaxing feel to the rooms. The suites are more glamorous and spacious, with stunning antiques, paintings and original 18th century frescoes which remind you of the golden age.

The Santa Croce Royal Suite stands out not only for its stunning decor but it is also the biggest suite in the city. The hotel aims at recreating the atmosphere that the Marquis savored four centuries ago and you can experience that feeling of grandeur as soon as you step in.

Enjoy dinner under a 18th century decor at the Guelfi & Ghibellini Restaurant where Chef Niccolò de Riu offers the very best of Tuscan cuisine, revisited to modern tastes.

The Relais Santa Croce offers amazing experiences through which you can discover Florence from a unique angle. You can visit Machiavelli’s (the renaissance writer and politician) villa and wander through his office and gardens or opt for a visit to Aquaflor Florence, one of the best Maison de Parfums, for a private demonstration of how fragrances are created.

Visit the City

Located in Santa Croce, a posh neighborhood which draws both tourists and locals, the hotel is within walking distance from the main attractions of the city. Visit the piazza to watch life unfold in the stunning city or admire the basilica’s stunning architecture. You can find the tombs of famous Italian artists like Michelangelo and Rossini there.

If you’re a history or art buff, the Opera di Santa Croce Museum is a must. You can find notable pieces such as Cimabue’s famed Crucifix, Gaddi’s fresco of the Last Supper and Donatello’s bronze sculpture of St. Ludwig of Toulouse.

When you have had your fill with art and history, there’s more to do in Florence. The city houses some of the most famous fashion brands and you’re looking for good quality leather bags and accessories, you’re at the right place.

If shopping doesn’t appeal to you, there’s many restaurants, bars and cafes to hang out. There’s also various events throughout the year, ranging from classic ballet to concerts. Florence knows how to entertain her visitors.

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