Kit Kemp

Kit Kemp

How does Kit Kemp do it? Being at a Firmdale Hotel isn’t your usual hotel experience. Each room has its own story to tell. Whether it’s a drawing room, bedroom or restaurant, there’s something special which sets it apart. Kemp is the Queen of Baroque Hotels and we totally agree. Let’s visit our favorites from Kit Kemp’s collection.

The Drawing Room at the Ham Yard Hotel

The Ham Yard's Drawing Room

The Ham Yard’s Drawing Room

Nothing beats the Ham Yard Hotel‘s Drawing Room, after a hectic day, for a rest and recharge session before doing it all over again. Just being there is a stress buster. It’s a playful room, with chandeliers that remind us of Captain Hook’s ship, and colorful sofas inspired by Ghanaian Asafo flags. In a nutshell, if your grandma had plenty of taste – and full pockets – it’s the kind of place she’d serve you tea in and it’s homey enough to make us want to kick off our shoes and get a power nap ( but don’t do that, of course.)

The Terrace Suite’s Living Room at the Soho Hotel

The Terrace Suite's Living Room

The Terrace Suite’s Living Room

This suite’s living room at the Soho Hotel is a breath of fresh air and it’s spacious and bright. There’s something that captures your attention when you’re here; the two leopards that stand proud. Did Kemp kidnap them on her last safari?

Far from your typical suite,instead of the shiny elegant furnishings, the footprint of top suites, there’s light colors and soft fabrics which makes you feel at home. The eye-catching piece in this room is the old-style wood burning stove which you’d never expect to find in a top suite but it doesn’t look out of place here. It’s a piece of old charm that’s nostalgic to the past.

The Oscar Bar & Restaurant at the Charlotte Street Hotel

The Oscar Bar & Restaurant

The Oscar Bar & Restaurant

Does a cocktail tempt you tonight? Head to the Oscar Bar at the Charlotte Street Hotel where there’s more than just food and drinks. It’s a great place to chill especially if you appreciate modern art. You can’t miss the mural painting by Alexander Hollweg who was inspired by Bloomsbury painters’ work and added his twist to it. It brings back memories of the early 2000s. There’s no better setting for a relaxing evening.

The Townhouse at the Haymarket Hotel

When you travel a lot, you’re bound to get homesick. Hotel rooms become dull but not at the Townhouse at the Haymarket Hotel. Kemp’s aim is to transform this spacious place into a home away from home.

The Living Room

The Living Room

After exploring London, it’s time to retreat to your haven of peace. Step into the living room, a cozy space where there’s a carefree mix of colors, prints and objects. That’s how it’s meant to feel; carefree. When you’re here, you forget about work and stress.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

There’s nothing better than a convivial dinner to set you in good spirits. The Townhouse has its own kitchen and dining room and if you’re entertaining, your guests will forget that they’re still at a hotel.

The Bedroom

The Bedroom

Feeling tired? Head to your baroque bedroom for a peaceful night of sleep. Each bedroom is unique and special. Kemp picks hues and fabrics that are unusual and as a result, you end up in a stunning and comfortable bedroom.

The Townhouse has everything to feel more like a home than a hotel suite.

The Crosby Suite’s Bedroom at the Crosby Street Hotel

The Crosby Suite's Bedroom

The Crosby Suite’s Bedroom

It’s not just a place to crash for the night. This suite’s bedroom at the Crosby Street Hotel has everything to make you comfy. Kemp’s inspiration is autumn and she selects a color palette that reflects the spirit of the season. When it’s still chilly outside in the morning, you’re tempted to laze in bed.

The Whitby Bar at the Whitby Hotel

The Whitby Bar

The Whitby Bar

The bar at the Whitby Hotel is sprinkled with items from every corner of the globe. Ethnic artwork and lampshades blend with the bright leather furniture.

Kemp has a knack for turning simple things into glamorous objects. That’s what she does with the bar. She spins a tale with a collection of 52 huge baskets which are intriguing and there’s a classic Greek bust that builds to it. No longer a common looking pewter bar, it’s here that you’ll mingle with a posh crowd over cocktails.

The Drawing Room at the Covent Garden Hotel

The Covent Garden's Drawing Room

The Covent Garden’s Drawing Room

It’s like stepping in a pavillon de chasse with its rustic wood paneled walls, period-style furniture and a few paintings of dogs across the walls. Kemp makes it personal by infusing mild touches of color with the curtains and some furniture. This cozy room at the Covent Garden Hotel is the right place for you to enjoy an afternoon tea.

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