Are art galleries on your bucket list whenever you travel? Do you pause longer than usual when a painting or sculpture catches your eye? If so, you’re an art buff. How would you feel if you woke up to the sight of Barbara Hepworth’s paintings? That’s the kind experience that you’ll find at the following hotels which share a love for art but take it to the next level as well.

Le Burgundy Paris

Le Burgundy Paris Lobby

The Lobby

Paris has the world’s best museums and art galleries and Le Burgundy Paris is the ideal place to stay. It’s at a strategic point in Paris; the Louvres, L’Orangerie and the Jeu de Paume photography museum are close but that’s not the only reason to stay. Le Burgundy Paris is more than just your typical hotel, it conveys owner Guy de Durfort’s passion for art. If you hate long queues and crowded museums, there’s enough at Le Burgundy to please.

The lobby also acts like a mini gallery where you can admire Guy de Durfort’s private collection of artwork which include original paintings, sculptures, photographs and more. Each room features artworks which give them a unique flair.

The Solarium at Le Burgundy Paris

Guy de Rougemont’s Sculpture at the Solarium

Teatime at the Solarium is more than sipping a warm cup of tea or coffee. In the middle of the room, the massive sculpture by artist Guy de Rougemont stands proud. It’s impossible to miss it and if you want to admire its details at a leisurely pace, grab the closest table.

The Dolder Grand

The Dolder Grand Lobby

Andy Warhol’s 36 foot Mural in the Lobby

Would you head to a museum if you are staying at a hotel that has an art collection which can give some art museums a run for their money?

The Dolder Grand Garden

Fernando Botero’s Woman with Fruit

The Dolder Grand has built itself a solid reputation among art aficionados with its vast collection of artworks and the art experiences it offers. Some claim that you need at least 3 days to see the whole collection. From Botero’s Reclining Woman with Fruit (there’s only five such sculptures that exist) in the hotel’s gardens to the 36 foot-long Andy Warhol painting in the lounge, the collection is massive but it doesn’t stop there. Dinner takes an interesting turn as you enjoy your meal while admiring the works of Dali and Marcoussis at the restaurants.

Artwork at the Dolder Grand's Restaurants

Salvador Dali’s Femmes Metamorphosées

For an interactive feel, you can borrow an iPad from the concierge and tour the hotel’s grounds. Through an application, you’ll learn all the background information and history behind each piece of art.

The St Regis Singapore

The St Regis Singapore

Anthony Poon’s Sense Surround

At The St Regis Singapore, art isn’t just about showcasing paintings but there’s passion behind it. Cecilia Kwek, the wife of the hotel’s owner, scouts the world to acquire each unique piece and makes it her duty to showcase Singaporean and Chinese artists as well.

The St Regis Singapore

Fernando Botero’s Dancing Nude Couple

The St Regis Singapore’s collection is diverse; from Picasso and Botero to Poon and Chen, there’s a lot to see and many of them can only be viewed by the hotel’s guests. It feels like a privilege to admire Botero’s dancing couple or Chen’s Scene from Peking.

The St Regis SIngapore

Georgette Chen’s Scene from Peking

If you want to learn more about each piece, there’s a daily art tour called The Art of Living. One of the hotel’s butlers takes you around the hotel and tells you all you need to know about the collection. It feels like a guided tour through one of the world’s best museums.

Rosewood London

The Rosewood London

The Lobby

Since 2013, everyone has been raving about the Rosewood London’s collection of artworks which includes pieces by Chilean artist Eduardo Hoffman. But that’s not the only thing that makes the hotel stand out.

The Scarfes Bar

The Scarfes Bar

The Scarfes Bar, inspired by British caricaturist Gerald Scarfe, showcases many of his popular caricatures of famous political and historical figures – some of these artworks are unique and they ornate the walls of the bar. In the evening, it’s not rare to find patrons sipping cocktails and debating over Scarfe’s work. You may want to join the discussion too.

Art Afternoon Tea at the Rosewood London

Pastries at the Art Afternoon Tea

How would you feel about nibbling on what looks like a piece of Picasso’s paintings? That’s what chef Mark offers with the Art Afternoon Tea – pastries that are inspired by Cubism and Pop Art. Enjoy these amuse-bouches as you admire the likes of Warhol and Picasso in the Mirror Room.

Conservatorium Hotel

Artist in Residence Suite

Suite 201: The Artist in Residence Suite

Located in the Museum Square district, the Conservatorium Hotel is close to the Van Gogh Museum, one of the main attractions but that’s not why this hotel makes it to our top 6 art buff hotels.

Once home to the Sweelinck Conservatorium, one of the main musical institutions in Amsterdam, this hotel offers exceptional art experiences and showcases local artists in its unique way.

Each month, between March to May, the hotel hosts its now popular Art Month where a budding artist is invited to showcase his work in the hotel’s lobby. It’s the perfect chance to discover current contemporary artists and have a closer look at their work.

Artist in Residence Suite

Suite 201: The Artist in Residence Suite

The hotel has also collaborated with local artists by converting its Residence Suites into Artist in Residence Suites. Suite 201 is decorated by Jasper Krabbé, a Dutch contemporary painter who is known for his intuitive style and his use of materials such as envelopes and pages of books. When you walk into this suite, you’re immediately immersed in his world and get family with his work.

Le Royal Monceau

Art District

Art is more than paintings and sculptures but it’s also about culture and that’s what sets Le Royal Monceau apart. Like most art hotels, Le Royal Monceau has its own private art collection of over 300 works but it doesn’t stop there. There’s also Art District, an art gallery for contemporary art. This is where connoisseurs and collectors gather and marvel over the most recent works of contemporary artists.

For those who are intrigued by photography, Art Photo Expo is another exhibit not to miss. Each exhibit is different and there’s always something new which is why it’s a favourite one among Parisians too.

Paris is known to host a number of museums and art galleries and unless you have plenty of time, it’s impossible to check all of them out. You have to choose which ones to visit and that’s not an easy decision but what if there was someone to advise you? That’s when the art concierge comes in and she knows about all the art events, galleries and museums. Just tell her what you’d like to see and she’ll point you to the right places.

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