3 In-The-Know Choices for a Family Holiday This Easter

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Remember announcing pre-parenthood that having children won’t change how you plan your holidays? That did not work out so well, did it? Planning a family holiday that balances high octane thrills and restorative downtime when you need it, while also accommodating your toddler’s nap time or sulky teen’s antipathy toward, well, everything, is no walk in the park.

It’s probably why most parents just pick a beach resort with a kids’ club and that’s their Easter break sorted. This year, how about realizing that pre-parenthood statement and going on a real adventure that will create vivid memories for a lifetime? We’ve got all the inspiration you need right here…

An Italian getaway in Sicily

Sitting in an unspoiled and sun-drenched corner of southern Italy, Sicily is a place where high culture meets great food and truly relaxing beach time, and the trifecta makes for a great family holiday this time of year. The hot-shot hotel to check into this side of the world is the Verdura Resort…and there is good reason.

For a start, there is the location of the beach estate, set in thousands of hectares of olive bushes and almond trees. Then, of course, there are the two championship-level golf courses, numerous tennis courts, the indoor and outdoor pools scattered across the property and that private beach where Google execs retreat to very year for their top-secret summer camp to views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Befitting the set-up, there is plenty here to keep the kids entertained for weeks, while you head to the spa, or the hiking trails behind the hotel for some downtime of your own.

Your Italian getaway of a lifetime

The beach

The villa- and private pool- your kids will never get tired of

The Australian outback with the One&Only Wolgan Valley

Set against Australia’s steely Blue Mountains, the One&Only Wolgan Valley is another destination that lets you can tune in to your children and listen to yourself in equal measure. There is just something about the wilderness of this place that captures how adventurous the Australian outback can really be.

Think wildlife experiences like wallabies hopping around at sunset or nocturnal drives for sightings of wombats and possums that really only come out after sundown… Where bikes and four-wheel drives can’t go, you can just saddle up and get even closer to nature with a horseback ride through the reserve. If that doesn’t get your kids to switch off from the outside world and really tune in to the experience, we don’t know what will.

The reason to check-in

Family time gets just a little better when you have it to a campfire

Or in a rustic villa with a private pool…

Cape Town’s wine and wildlife scene with the Twelve Apostles

When planning a family holiday, an itinerary with a lot of driving is the last thing you want to do, except if we are talking about Cape Town. South Africa, with its charming small towns, wildlife and laid-back wine estates makes for a great driving holiday any time of year, but in April, summer means the weather is warm and dry enough to make hitting Cape Town highlights like the Boulders Beach and Table Mountain more serendipitous than onerous.

Then, of course, there is touring the Cape Peninsula and visiting the Constantia wine route, and if those are on your agenda, there is no better hotel to bed down for the adventure than the Twelve Apostles. Maybe it’s the location of the hotel, on the coastal road between Camps Bay and Llandudno- and in a conservation area that remains largely undeveloped- or maybe it’s the impeccable Red Carnation service and hospitality, but this hotel is an ode to old-school glamor, and with its mountain-facing Café Grill, award-winning spa and 16-seat cinema that comes with drinks, popcorn and candy, it offers as much for children as their massage-loving parents.

It’s a different side of Cape Town

Wouldn’t you agree?

The spa alone is a reason to check-in

For more family holiday ideas this Easter, stay tuned

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