and you’ll see the Prague of your dreams: the picturesque streets of tiny houses, the magical atmosphere of bohemian bars tucked out of sight and the well-kept secrets of bookstores and grand cafés once frequented by the likes of Kafka and Einstein.

Yes, Prague is a cultural hotspot, and we don’t want you to miss a thing about it.

Where to stay

The Four Seasons Prague, of course, and here is why: Prague is very walkable, and sitting smack in the center of the city’s Old Town, the location of this Four Seasons outpost, on the Vltava River, can’t be beat.

The sprawling views of Charles Bridge every time you look out the window are the stuff of travel dreams, and inside, classically executed interiors make for suites we are hung up on. As you would expect of a Four Seasons, service is also impeccable throughout, and the swish spa with its relaxation pool does not hurt either.

What to see in Prague

Prague is easily one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and the historic Charles Bridge, crossing the Vltava river under the impassive gaze of its baroque statues, is a big reason why. Strolling along this 500m fairground has got to be everybody’s favourite activity in the city, but our recommendation is you go there between 6 and 7 in the morning, when the bridge is almost empty and the Old Town is just starting to wake up.

Around this time of day, the city has a magical atmosphere and a sense of anticipation hanging in the air, and there is nothing quite like it. Combine this experience with an early morning trip to the Prague Castle Crypt, before the opening hours. Other attractions you don’t want to miss this side of town include the Vladislav Hall and the St. Vitus Cathedral, where the coronation of every Czech king and queen happened, emblematic of the very history of Prague.

Then, of course, the Strahov Library is an absolute must, with its 200,000 books and breathtaking frescoes. The Jewish district of Josefov and the Maisel Synagogue are also wonderful walks and “dives” through history.

Come nightfall, the only surviving theatre where Mozart once performed his world premiere of Don Giovanni, comes with our highest recommendation. The theatre plays both operas and ballets, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Another evening well spent is a cruise down the Vltava. If you’re staying at the Four Seasons Prague, book it through the concierge. The hotel has its own boat and knows just how to make you experience the magic of their ancient city. Think the captain meeting you in the hotel lobby, before you’re escorted to the boat with a picnic basket filled with pretzels and champagne. Start your cruise late afternoon, when the city is bathed in pink and gold colours.

If your itinerary allows for a spare day, the Roudnice castle out in the Czech countryside is a fantasyland just 50 km from Prague. It’s surrounded on all sides by hills, and it’s a different side of Czechia, one you can pair with a visit to the winery surrounding it, ending with a surprise tasting of the dry wines characteristic of the region.

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