You Won’t Believe The Color of the Sand at These Beaches

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Like the black-sand beaches of Santorini… Left there by a volcanic explosion that blew out the heart of Santorini over 3,000 years ago, along with vertiginous cliffs and the caldera, they are romantic clichés of a different kind, but they sure take your breath away.

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Pfeiffer Beach on the Big Sur coast

With its towering redwoods and winding mountain ranges, Big Sur’s rugged coastline is not short of picturesque vistas, but the crown jewel has got to be Pfeiffer Beach. The violet color of the sand makes it the loveliest spot to spend an afternoon, and if you’re on a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, we’d make a stop here.


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Perivolos beach on Santorini

The blue domed houses perched on vertiginous cliffs, the mesmerising views of the caldera, the stunning sunsets… So much of Santorini feels like a romantic cliché, but a little known secret of the island are its black-sand beaches, including Perivolos, Kamari and Perissa. They are places that remain untainted by the darker impulses of man, and there is nothing like the impact- and magnetic pull- of them.


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The Harbour Island in the Bahamas

On Harbour Island of the Bahamas, one of the most beautiful beaches is in a gorgeous shade of pink, but what makes for a pink-sand beach? Pieces of shattered coral? A trick of the eye? Or perhaps a trick of light?

For the Harbour Island, it’s the reddish-pink shells of tiny marine animals called foraminifera… So lounging on this beach might be lounging on amoeba-like creatures, but boy is it a bucket list item…and an Instagram-likes magnet.

Vaadhoo in the Maldives

It’s more a sea of stars than a vibrantly hued beach, but if you’re in search of a fantasy land for your next holiday, this mystical surprise out in the Maldives is sure worth serious thought. After all, glowing blue waves, lapping a sandy shore…what’s not to love? Just head out to the Raa Atoll, a mere 15-minute speedboat ride away from Malé, and let the bioluminescent phytoplanktons work their magic.


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