Aman at Summer Palace

Hotel Showcase

The Best hotels in Beijing in our collections: Part two

With tourism in China expected to grow within the coming years, we take a look at the five-star hotels which will house the growing number of luxury travelers set to visit the country. Part two of our best hotels in Beijing post looks at three hotels, from our collection that are among the best the […]

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The Concierge, The Wondering Traveller

4 Gardens and Hotels You Simply Must Visit.

Ahh nature! It’s like your grandma’s chicken soup. It’s healthy, it’s the perfect pick me up and unfortunately, it’s available for a limited time only. So make the most of it while you can. Bar the lucky ones living in the shade of majestic mountains or by sparkling blue seas, most of us have a […]

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Hotel Showcase, The Wondering Traveller

Asian Palace Hotels

The luxury industry is filled with innovative and unique experiences and we’re of the opinion that dining in the very apartments enjoyed by royalty, is right up there with the best of them. The following hotels from our collection were once all owned and lived in by Kings and Queens of Asia and the service and […]

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