Buenos Aires

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The article for people who travel in September

September is just around the corner everyone. For most of us, that’s bad news. After all, September doesn’t get the vote for most joyous month of the year. Everyone’s back-to-work or back-to-school, the holiday cheer is over, and the warm weather is slowly, but surely, waving us a slow and mournful goodbye. Sad times indeed. […]

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Hotel Showcase

Cities for Romance: Get ready for Valentine’s

Forgetful husbands and boyfriends beware, Valentine’s day is nearly upon us. If you’re the last minute type, February 14th can be a great cause of stress instead of the celebration of love it’s meant to be. Frantic phone calls to restaurants, booked out babysitters, last minute shopping… you know the drill. But this year, you […]

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The Concierge

Rojo Tango Buenos Aires

Everybody loves a good tango. Even if you’ve got two left feet, we’re willing to bet you’ve daydreamed of wooing that special someone with some suave dance moves, a rose between your teeth and the famous lean in when the music stops…. or maybe that’s just us. Well here’s a tip for all you Tango […]

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